Saturday, April 25, 2015

Challenging Audrey

We woke up to -3 this morning. That's too cold. :( That first cup of  hot coffee tasted great.

I fed the birds at the feeders, then, while walking around the property, I noticed that the chipmunks have made a home under the old logs from the building we had to take down in the Fall. We are keeping the logs that are structurally safe to re-use to build a smaller building when the time is right. For now, it will hopefully keep the chipmunks safe from the hawk that paid a visit last week and maybe we'll get to see some baby chipmunks soon.

Audrey greeted the morning waaaaaay too early again today. I think she, too, is on hawk-alert as she bounds from window to window catching every movement in the branches of the old maples and then lands on top of the fridge to scream for her first meal of the day. That, of course, wakes up the mouse household.

I fear that Audrey might be getting bored so today was her first lesson in learning the alphabet. This gal loves a challenge to exercise her brain.

"So we learn the letter A".
  A stands for Audacious. Audacious Audrey.(showing an impudent lack of respect)

                      "So far....this blows."

"I'm going back to hawk-watch"

hugs, Deb


  1. Hehe! Audrey is'nt stupid....She knows that
    blows starts with a 'B' not an 'A'. When she
    gets to 'C'...That will be that...'C' for cat, they'll
    be no stopping her....And, wait till she gets to
    'T'..."What's for tea Mum"?
    "Hugh! Alfurrbet". :>).

  2. Minus three! Ay carumba! Just so you don't feel alone, Angel started singing the song of her people before the sun was up, even though I had gone to bed late and specifically asked her to be quiet in the morning for her mama. Angel starts with A too. -YAWN-

  3. We have several cats who are early risers--after they have made their racket and made certain of proper attention they go back to bed--while we, their human care-givers, do not!

  4. Way too cold. We were up at 4am for ANZAC day dawn parade. It was 12 deg, and people were dressed like they were off to the South pole with puffa jackets, scarves and beanies.

    Hope your day warms up.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. I don't know why Audrey cracks me up so much, but she has the most amazing face. She can look all adorable and sweet -- and then (like in this picture) she just has the best expression! She just looks so dismissive of anyone and everything. "I am SO not amused." LOVE her!

  6. That face should be in movies! Lol....

  7. Too funny! Stay warm!
    Hugs and purrs....

  8. Audrey could give Grumpy Cat a run for her money!

  9. Love Audrey and her very expressive face. Not so much your cold weather. Stay warm and I hope the hawk moves on from your property.

  10. Cute post! I love to see what Audrey has been up to. And it sounds as if she likes heights (refrigerator top) like one of mine. I was at the stove fixing supper last night and looked up and there she was! I didn't even hear her or see her leap up there. That girl can jump over a canyon, I think!

  11. -3???? are you serious??
    yikes. I am not complaining cause it is nippy out there.

  12. This spring is... a non spring!! Yesterday was brutal!!

  13. Audrey's a cat iof a thousand faces!
    It's cold here too! Someone needs to kick old man winter in the butt.

  14. Tomorrow's lesson - B. "Be quiet Before dawn's Break". Gail

  15. Dearest Deb,
    Well, all I can say is that Audrey looks VERY focused!