Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cleaning up and meet lil Red

The sun was out all day today and helped to dry up the mud , somewhat. Walking around the property requires boots and sun-glasses these day. There is mud, there is snow. We did a bit of a clean-up at the back of the lot and had our first burn of  the season.
Here is the retired-guy pulling tangled vines with Maggie. Oh ya, he has named her. I knew the day would come.

I filled the  feeders, added  a tube-feeder filled with sunflower seeds and then planted some wildflowers in pots. The chickadees were on the tube in seconds but I doubt this will be their favorite feeder as it takes some work to get the seeds. I have them a bit spoiled.

I took a peak over the fence and my neighbour has snow-drops popping through the ground.

 Now that gave me hope for Spring to start to warm up this beautiful little (muddy) lot.

And I finally got a photo of my shy little Red. He eats alongside my birds and believe me he gets his share, and then some. He is around all the time. Just look to the left.
My friend Linda at  Woke Up Got Out of Bed a Red, too. Her Red is quite the scamp and Linda has a love/hate  relationship with him. 
 I expect this one will become a nuisance soon but how am I supposed to not fall for that face. I know...I have Sucker written all over me. 

Kari asked how I liked being a guest at the Easter dinner this year. I loved it mostly because I got to spend more time with the grandittles.  They are the funniest three when they get together. :))) The meal was delicious and the lemon dessert was a hit. I could get used to this. :)

Audrey's hungry. Can you hear her at your house? *groan*

Must go,
hugs, Deb


  1. HeHe! Don't just sit about Blogging....Go feed Audrey! :).
    Poor little mite...! Bless!x

    I have a couple of grey squirrels about the place...There a
    nuisance to...Poking their noses in, where it does'nt belong!
    But! But! On some occasions, l sit outside, there chasing about,
    And! Me! I'm quietly sitting on the patio enjoying...enjoying......
    Squirrel...Cooked over the barby, with some of my home made
    barby sauce...I shout at them to..."Your Next". "Your Next". ;0)
    Strange...I would'nt harm them...!

  2. I'm glad the dinner went over well. It must have been quite a change not to have to cook and bake it yourself.

  3. Oh we have REDS.. and Blacks ,Greys and Beige..The area..has soooo many..
    Not our faves..they did up so many things..scamps.

  4. I love my squirrels. .. yes, they are scamps and big pains, but .... too cute! Besides, they don't knock at the back door (yet) the way the doves do when I'm late with the buffet!
    Hugs and Purrs to all.....

  5. We have red squirrels here... fat little things. And yes, they eat from the bird feeders, but we don't mind. They can all share. And they're certainly funny to watch... whether they're teasing the cats, playing kamakazi (sp?) with the cars, or figuring out how to get to the supposedly squirrel-free bird feeders. But they get their come-uppence occassionally on all those levels. Cats sometimes get the best of them, cars too, and we've even seen the blue jays chasing them in our yard.
    As for your holiday dinner at daughter's house, we did that this Thanksgiving too... and yes, I love doing it here, but I could get used to that too.

  6. I love the name Maggie for the tractor. I am enjoying your bird and squirrel stories so much. So the kitties are enjoying the birds also I bet! That Audrey...nothing else needs to be said.

  7. Just gotta love those squirrels! Our Chuck sings for his supper...loudly...too.

  8. Lovely photos ! Oh you still have quite a bit of snow ! I hope it will be all gone after this rain . I haven't seen any flowers of any kind here yet but April showers bring May flowers they say ! I am so glad you have lots of wonderful nature there to enjoy , isn't it great ? Oh little Red is soo cute we don't have the Red Squirrels just the usual black and grey ones but they are cute as well and keep me an Miggs on our toes lol .
    I bet the lemon dessert was a hit YUMMY ! I make what is called Phony French Pastry with blueberry and it is always a hit . Thanks for sharing Have a good day !

  9. That red is a devious little rascal!

  10. I believe I could hear Audrey. hehee. Lucky, our old cat, could be soooooooo insistent when he was ready to eat! There is NO ignoring them. ;) I love that Maggie has a name. blessings ~ tanna

  11. The name really fits the tractor. Glad you got to spend more time with the grands. That's the best!

  12. must be tired of plugging my blog,Deb!
    I saw no less than 3 Reds here today....
    Miss V and I threw her sandwich crusts and apple peel to them....
    They gobbled it up!
    Love that tractor!
    The retired guy looks like he is loving it!
    Hope for sunny weather.....soon....
    Linda :o)