Thursday, April 16, 2015

S.l.o.w. as molasses.

 Living in the country can have it's challenges and one for us is having a reliable internet connection.
Sometimes it is very s.l.o.w.;  so slow that you lose interest before long. I have tried to comment on blogs lately but it's hit and miss when I do. It's very frustrating.
Did you just say the 'F' word?

I'm hoping we can get better service soon.

The day can start early; too early some mornings. If an old dog needs to relieve himself, well, that begins your day. I would miss watching the sun rise through the back window if I was a late riser. I can't say the quiet is deafening, though, because by 6 a.m. there are cars already flying by us on their way to work. But, the birds are up and the air is full of song.

 I'd love to photograph all the new birds at the feeders but I have been raking this 2 acre lot for 3 mornings now and I still have lots to do. You can imagine the leaves from 50 or so maples that fell over the last 30 years. Ugh! But, the sun is shining and the crows are here already. They are my comic relief. :)

Wishing you all a lovely Spring day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Slow internet service, a problem... but then you've got that at your backdoor and cats to keep you in line!

  2. I know what you mean about the slow connection. When I lived in the country it was so slow, it was in reverse !!

  3. You might want to leave some "tasteful" leaf litter for the ground-feeding birds. A lot of tasty bird-treats live in that stuff!

  4. That is a lot of raking!

    Hope the internet speeds up for you!

  5. Interesting what Marty said. Never thought that stuff on the ground hosted birdie noms.

  6. Just look at that face.......really, did you just say the "F" word :)
    We have slow internet, I should change to another provider, but they all have their quirks.
    Yes that's a lot of leaves, but how lovely it will look when you are through.

  7. The trials of dubious internet that goes on and off according to the weather fades into the background when your dawn is accompanied by a chorus of birds!
    Jane x

  8. I don't know how you get anything done with Audrey looking at you that way. That face makes me smile. I would just love to hold Audrey. Raking leaves is a job!

  9. A new dawn with bird song sounds lovely even if you have to pull yourself out of a cozy bed to accommodate Kane's bladder =) The problem is being awake enough to enjoy it.
    Audrey's expression's are so comical!

  10. I am going to go and rake again tomorrow!
    I will think of you.....and we have no internet out there!
    The "f" word is very appropriate!
    Did you try the tarp trick?
    Have a great weekend....
    Linda :o)

  11. Slow internet is a pain. Ours does well except when I'm loading photos to my blog--that pretty much stalls any other functions.
    Love that grumpy little cat face. Blessing on your Audrey.

  12. Oh! Audrey! Audrey!x
    You look a little bit sad...HeHe! Bit like that
    orchid behind you...Come on..Cheer up now!
    "What do you get when you cross a cat with
    a bottle of vinegar". ???
    A Sourpuss...!!!
    ( l can do).

  13. Audrey, what a face! You dislike slow internet too, I see. Here's hoping the warming weather aids in all your endeavors!

  14. hahahhahah.... look at that face !!

  15. The studio is in the country, but on the main highway. When I think about complaining about the traffic, I remember that is why we have fast goes right by!!!

  16. We finally got decent internet here by having Bell give us ASDL through our old phone line (a "dry loop" whatever that means!) Satellite SUCKED, the Rogers Rocket Hub worked for awhile then SUCKED, but this has been pretty good, fast enough to watch Netflix, and MUCH cheaper than the other options we tried!!