Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spending some change & Greta's Organic Gardens.

"Ha meal ticket's been filling up the swear jar lately.
Oh ya, she's watching from the window for that dastardly hawk that came around last week.
Oh man, you should hear what she calls him.
Cover your ears. hahaha!"

                                            "I'm gonna wash her mouth out."

Well, it's true that I am on hawk-alert and not too happy about it but I did have enough change left over to head over to Greta's Organic Gardens meet 85 beautiful ladies and bring home a dozen of today's fresh eggs. Cost - $6.00.
Greta has been growing and selling organic seed for 20 years to over 1,000 Canadian customers. She only starts her seed sale in May each year so the seeds can be planted immediately.

I had been hoping to find an egg supplier close by and Greta's Organics sells the freshest eggs around. It was very neat to meet the 'ladies' who provide dozens of customers daily with their tasty eggs. It's a small but wonderful farm and we'll be back for their Open House in May to pick out our veggie and herb seeds.

Friendly and very healthy-looking chickens. They are fed only organic seed.
I already have a favorite.

"See you again soon, ladies."

hugs, Deb


  1. I miss fresh organic eggs. I need to find a place to buy some I guess. I would be swearing at the Hawk also~


  2. Audrey, it's a shame your poor delicate ears have to hear such words! Too bad the hawks aren't zoning in on rodents instead of the songbirds.
    Great that you've found a wonderful organic egg supplier. You're going to plant a garden?

  3. That face should certainly send a hawk packing!!!! They are wonderful birds. . . . from afar, but Audrey will scare them off hopefully.
    Lucky you being able to get such fresh eggs close by your home. . . .hope the seeds will bring you some beautiful summertime flowers later. I scattered some about the garden last week, cosmos, daisies, sunflowers etc., and hope to return to at least green seedlings popping up to fill in the spaces and later bring color.

    We're off tomorrow so I may not be commenting much - have to see how the WIFI is and if I have time - it's going to be busy, so many places to see and lots of friends to chat with as we sail the beautiful rivers.

    Take care - have happy spring days now it's warming up your way Deb.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. We raised free range chickens their eggs were amazingly YUMMY ! We have one of the wonderful Amish farms we get our eggs and goodies from here . Glad you have found a wonderful farm to get your eggs and veggies from there is nothing like farm fresh is there?! Lovely photos . Oh my sometimes potty mouth like me then eh? lol thank for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. ssssh! Audrey! I'm pretending to be a lady...
    So l can leave a comment...!!! :).

    The face that sank a thousand hawks..
    Audrey! Tell Mum to enlarge that photo of you.
    And..Pin it up...outside the house...Soon as said
    hawk sees it...Off it will go, and 'wing' it as they say!
    Job done! HeHe! Oh! by the way...You look lovely!x

  6. That face! Audrey, you are a mess! If ever there was a cat I would want to meet in person it would be Audrey! I agree with Willie about enlarging that photo. She is a sweetie pie!

  7. Audrey! The things that come out of YOUR mouth! :)
    I love fresh eggs. Nothing tastes better than a fresh egg, home grown tomatoes and maybe, some chevre from my favorite goat folks.
    Purrs and hugs......

  8. The chickens look like real characters.

    Audrey's facial expressions are priceless!

  9. Audrey, you are such a sassy girl! Love ya! And I think you've got it made that you get to meet the egg-laying chickens...that's really cool!

  10. A person just knows when their cat is swearing, and she certainly looks like she's swearing !
    The best eggs are the freshly laid eggs of well fed hens, so you have some delicious eggs for your home cooking and some extra entertainment when you go to buy more. That looks like a very nice place to buy fresh eggs and seeds.

  11. See, this is exactly what I mean about Audrey. She has dozens of expressions and you are miraculous in catching them all!

  12. You should enlist your crow visitors in anti-hawk warfar. Have you ever seen them gang up on one and chase it off?