Monday, April 27, 2015

B is for burrow and best buds.

"OK,'s back to your lessons."
"The letter B is for Burrow, which you seem to love to do. You do become invisible, there's no doubt about that.  And I can never find you. I look for hours, calling your name. Sometimes I panic and fear I will never see you again. But I know you can't hear me in your little dark cave or you would answer me like a good kitty, right?" *kiss, kiss, hug, hug*

                                          "Ever wonder who ties her shoelaces for her?"

But, of course, it's not always all about Audrey.
The weekend was a busy one. We had visits and breakfast out with little Gwynn, shopped for mouse-house home-improvement supplies and I raked for hours to clear a path to the back stone fence.
Now I'm surfing pinterest for ideas on creating a walk-way. 
Oh, the fun never stops.
I should have big muscles by the end of this Spring if it doesn't kill me.

My little Red is becoming very friendly and hangs out of his drive-thru to watch me tidy up the lot.

I shared a piece of 12 grain bread with him today and now we are best buds.

"BEST BUDS."  "Hear that, Audrey?"

hugs, Deb


  1. I drape coats and blankets over chairs, just so Angel and Chuck can burrow. The hubby tends to REMOVE these coats and blankets, because he wants to SEE the cats, but I know they like the hidey-hole aspect, and I'm right...he's wrong. Every morning, Chuck and I have a routine where he dances around until I find the place he wants to sleep that morning (basket, rocking chair, in bay window) and I cover it while he slides under and starts purring up a storm. Fun!

  2. Hmm, some animals seem to appreciate humans more than others...

  3. Red looks quite inquisitive. Audrey knows the value of a good burrow deep under the covers.

  4. What do you mean, it's not all about Audrey??? Who else is so adorable, audacious and photogenic?
    (Little Red IS cute) I'm whispering so Audrey doesn't hear that.

  5. Our little trouble-maker, Julie, has a habit of finding what-ever I'm working on at the moment... whether it be a quilt in progress, some knitting, or even (heaven forbid) some pieces of clay I'm carving. She finds it... and lies on it. Does it have my *smell* on it or is she just being ornery? Sometimes I wonder...

  6. Lovely post and photos ! Hey who ties shoes any more Audrey we wear slip ons they are easier lol ! Oh I can imaging the fun your having and gona have with the new house and land to play with ! Our squirrels here like toast lol cant blame them me to lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. I don't have any burrowers! I need one! haha...maybe Peaches will become one some day!

  8. How cute is your Red?
    Just remember.....don't leave any doors open....he wants to be inside!
    I want to see those muscles...I keep raking....and getting lumpier!
    No justice, eh?
    Have a great week Deb....warm weather coming......RIGHT?
    Linda :o)

  9. Dearest Deb,
    Oh, our kitties the sure love to hibernate at times and turning us a deaf ear.
    Cute squirrel too.

  10. Audrey! You 'stay' as lovely as ever....That's 'L'
    for lovely....Yes! I know your only at 'B'....And,
    'B' means 'Beautiful' toooo!x
    Humans must remember...
    "Dogs have owners...Cats have staff".

  11. Cats are so much fun ! Burrowing under the quilts and sofa cushions only to peek out just enough to let us know they're watching us ! ( Audrey is such a beautiful cat )

    You really are having fun aren't you ?Working hard and watching Red entertain you and then time with Pinterest imagining all the possibilities for your own walkway. If you're like me, I can spend hours checking out the possibilities on Pinterest.

  12. Lovin' Audrey's burrow! My "Red" is called "Bushy" and he is loving the bird food. Sometimes there's a respite when I get some nuts for him. He managed to beat the squirrel baffle!