Monday, April 13, 2015

"Just burn it." & my favorite company.

I've been hearing that a lot the last couple of days. "What do you want to do with this?"
"Just burn it."

We had a nice big fire burning in the middle of our property and cleaned up a lot of brush, twigs and old logs that were lying around. I went to town cleaning up 20 years of dried up leaves twisted with dead branches from the maples that were making walking around rather difficult. Now where I have my feeders it is nice and tidy.

The weather has been beautiful and 'ol Kane has been getting lots of exercise sniffing out his new yard.

We had a visit from my mother's sister, Aunt Frances and my cousin, Art, on Sunday. We sat around  on the bench under the maple tree and she told me so many stories of growing up on this land. Frances is 94 now and the last of the family that have memories of the farm. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed her visit; her stories and her quick wit. I just love her; she's such a dear lady. She was not only my mother's sister, she was her best friend. She raised eight children and now they are all sharing time with her and making sure she has a comfortable and happy life.

My favorite words of the day, "I know your mom is so happy that you're here. And your grandmother is smiling down on you, dear." I hope she knows how much that means to me.

Audrey showed off her basket; making sure everyone could see that she laid claim and conquered. :)

It was a busy weekend and a very productive one. There are still days ahead of cleaning up around here but we'll get it done with a few breaks in-between.

Hope you had a great weekend, too.
Hugs, Deb


  1. This time of year it's good to get that done, particularly any burning.

    Audrey looks rather content!

  2. Aunt Frances is drop dead gorgeous! Wow! She doesn't look anywhere near 94 years old! What a fun day you had visiting and cleaning up!

  3. What a nice post, Deb. I can only imagine how sweet your Aunt's words about your Mom and Grandmother must have sounded to you. I love that a woman who had lived there could come and sit with you as you now make it home. So wonderful. I hope you will write down some of her stories for your grandchildren to hear and have Priceless..

    It's looking good there!


  4. So nice to see things without snow on the ground! How wonderful to hear the wonderful memories of the farm from you Aunt. When do you start on the 'big' house?

  5. Lovely post and photos ! Aunty Frances is a lovely looking lady and looks wonderful at 94 WOW !! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend to . We were out side doing the same thing only our fire has to be contained it is against the law for a open bond fire here . I was also out all day today raking and tidying up just before the rains hit this evening , it was like a summer day temps reached 21C
    and I saw a few butterfly's fluttering about . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I recall the photo of your Mum as a young woman, with a cat , maybe. Your auntie certainly resembles her. And she looks amazing at 94. Goodness!

  7. I love Aunt Frances! How nice to be able to reminisce with her♥️
    I love bonfires! You go girl! Burn it all!
    You and the retired guy will be fit as fiddles! All this work!
    Enjoy a great week.....
    Linda :o)

  8. 'Just burn it' aptly describes the mindset of exhaustion that overtakes one when moving! In spite of culling, taking usable items to the charity shop, I'm inclined to think even more should have gone on the burn pile!

  9. And that's all l've been doing at the weekend!
    Cutting and burning, recent sunny weather, and
    everything decides to grow...The weeds even faster!
    Still it's a war l'm winning! :).

    Your Auntie looks really great...94...Marvellous!
    And Kane certainly loves it, out and about to!
    And...Not forgetting the princess of course......
    She is in the right place...being a bit of a 'basket'
    case...Bless! :>).

  10. Now I have M. Jackson's"just beat it" stuck in my head, nuts..
    Miss A claims her throne (basket)

  11. I'm thinking Audrey may be on the young side, but she sure appears to be the Alpha Girl! And a beautiful one at that. Yes, yard clean-up. Coming this week, right after I finish taxes!

  12. Stumbled on you blog by accident. I'm a cat lover, a collie lover, and a gardner. Enjoyed seeing you cat and collie and your blue and white crockery is lovely.

  13. Things are looking so pretty there! I had to laugh at Audrey in your last post. Her little sarcastic smile. Sweet Audrey! She is very unusual.

  14. It's wonderful to be able to return to family land.

  15. I bet your glad to see dirt instead of snow. How much space do you have now? Cant tell from pics how close those other houses are. How big was the farm in the old days? How great your aunt could see the changes. Glad the kitties are settled in... Cheers!