Thursday, April 2, 2015

An amazing Tea & lilacs

It's amazing, all-right. I'd say it's my new favorite tea blend.

It tastes even better in my Mintons china cup made in England.

The ingredients in this heavenly blend are...
Orange blossoms
lemon zest
& Rosehip.

Sounds good, huh?

Our first sign of Spring at the mouse-house was spotting a Robin at the feeders. The second sign came today as I was cleaning up around the property and saw lilac buds on the trees. We have a few lilac trees at the entrance to the property, right at the gate, and they are beautiful when in bloom.
(Courtesy of the retired-guy)

Here's some photos from last year's lilacs.

I put them everywhere.

So, I'll just sit here with my new-found favorite tea and dream of lilac-time.
 I'd better warn Audrey she may be wearing them around her head.

"I think not, crazy lady."
hugs, Deb 

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  1. The tea does sound like a tasty treat. I love lilacs ... can't grow them here .. I'll enjoy yours!
    Hugs and Purrrs to all.....

  2. That tea sounds amazing. I looked them up and you can order online! Oh Audrey, wouldn't you look pretty with Lilacs in your hair?

  3. Lilacs and snowdrops--my favorite flowers =)
    Audrey-I think you would be adorable with a delicate wreath of lilacs perched on
    your furry head!
    I'm looking forward to the photo =)

  4. No longer just cats around here anymore! I've been enjoying all the bird action going on wih you. Nothing more exciting that nice fat buds! Blossoms soon! Enjoy Easter at your son's house!

  5. Tea and lilacs! I don't think it gets much better! The tea sounds heavenly!

  6. Oh, don't lilacs have the most wonderful scent! Your whole mouse house will soon be full of their glory! AA should love it! lol. Enjoy the tea and dream of summer to come..


  7. The lilacs will be welcome when they turn up. The Audrey Glare is fearsome!

  8. Audrey! I just laugh OUT loud every time I see her. Oh, she is a cutie and so full of personality with those expressions!

    Tea sounds yummy. I need to roam around the yard and see if I can find some buds!

  9. Tea is anytime for me lol ! I love Lilacs I have a row in the back of them all different colours and one in the center of the yard I cant wait for them to bloom . Warm and rainy here today just a few tiny patches of snow are left . Glad you have your Robins there now ours have been plucking worms from the ground all day today in the rain and I have been seeing lots of Robins here so far this year which makes me happy as they are my fave song bird lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and a Happy Easter weekend !

  10. those will be heavenly...something to look forward to...for sure!
    Thanks for your lovely comment...again...have a great Easter...
    Hi sassy thing you!
    Linda :o)

  11. I can smell the Lilacs from here ... put some on her head .. please

  12. BUds and robins, hmmm, I may come home from Greece after all...

  13. Your tea sounds delicious Deb. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! Hope it won't be long before the lilacs are in bloom!

    Madelief x

  14. Tea and lilacs! Could you think of anything more perfect together. I've read that Fortnum and Mason is selling honey made by the Dutchess of Cornwall's bees and it has hints of camomile! I'm not a big honey person but that sounds pretty wonderful to me.
    I'll add that to tea and lilacs. Oh yes and a wisteria vine.

  15. Your tea sounds fabulous. And Audrey is ALWAYS fabulous!

  16. Such a beautiful teacup! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!