Friday, May 7, 2010

Not such 'scaredy-cats' anymore. Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^= How to tell if your cat is fat

Mother's Day is on my mind so I am posting a pic of my mother's favorite flower, the daisy. I always have them in the house now. She used to say that you could not help yourself but to smile when you looked at them. I say....she's right. Thinking of her makes me smile, too.
Joe & Rae-Rae are out from under the bed and struttin' their stuff today. That didn't take long. There has been some hissing and snarling but no blood-shed. I really didn't expect there would be but I do have one 'nasty' senior who is predictably unpredictable. Joe & Rae-Rae will continue to eat separately from the others and they have their own bathroom area. I believe in baby-steps so I won't get ahead of myself. They sure are two cuties. I already have fallen for them.This is all I could get of Joe. He's a mover.
Isn't she a pretty little girl. But wait, she's a calico.....TROUBLE COMIN'.

If your cat is really fat you would have to be blind not to notice it.

The ideal cat is well proportioned and agile. When viewed from above a waist should be easily defined beneath the ribs. The abdomen should be firmly tucked-up. An obese cat has heavy deposits of fat over its back, neck, rib-cage and sometimes even on its legs. The abdomen is rounded and notable pendulous so that it nearly touches the ground.
A cat's weight gain can creep up on you unawares. You should catch the fat before it really takes hold by making regular fat-assessment test. Weigh your cat by standing on the scale holding your cat and then weigh yourself alone. Subtract the difference. Ask you vet what the proper weight should be for your type of cat.

It is important not to let your cat become obese for health reasons, obviously. They depend on us to keep them healthy and happy.


  1. They are so cute! Funny how cats do their own adjusting in the getting a long department! Come say hi, it's a special day at my blog! :D

  2. What cuties...all good news so far! Yup, calicoes and torties are Trouble with a capital "T"!

  3. I never knew that calico's were trouble (lol) until I had one. She was he worst behaved cat I ever had! Still I loved her! Emily got out here at our new house and did well for awhile but then disappeared last fall. I still miss her. My Vet told me Calico's are feisty cats...Amen! I hope she found a new's my hope anyway. Your new babies are cuties!

  4. Thank you Julie, Katnip Lounge & Linda for your comments. I hope your kitty did ok too, Linda. It is so hard not to know but all we can do is pray that they found someone who loves them now. Calico's & Tortie's sure do have a reputation. Julie, I will drop by tonight. I love your posts.

  5. Joe and Rae-Rae are absolutely gorgeous babies; Rae-Rae is a real beauty with those fluffy furs!...Good luck with them getting along with your senior babies...Happy weekend sweet friend.