Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cat-tip For the Day=^..^= Cat Enclosures. Keeping Kitty Safe Outdoors.

I found this picture while re-arranging my bedrooms today. I was 27 and even then I was always totin' a kitty around. My youngest daughter is moving back home for awhile so I've been making room for her and un-decorating the spare bedroom. She is just finished an art course at Algonquin College and is coming home to save a bit of money. We are looking forward to having her home again and she will most likely be in some of my future posts. Now, as you know she is a cat-lover and oh yes!, she has 2 cats. So......we will see how this works out. She is going off to another home in June to house-sit and will be taking her kitties along so the month of May will be interesting. I hope the ol' gals here (and Mr. Ed) can take living with 2 younguns'Lots of my cat-sitting clients allow their cats to go outside just as I do. Mine hang out in the yard and are good at staying on the property. We all know that there are dangers for cats that freely roam outside.

I have known many cat-owners who have built cat-enclosures for their cat to go outside and stay safe. A safe place in the sun. Cats love the outdoors, the chirping birds, leaves, squirrels and bugs in the grass are a strong draw for our cats. It brings out the fierce jungle hunter in them. I have seen very small enclosures with stacks of hay sitting here and there for the cat to perch on and I have seen very large, almost play-grounds for the cats to spend hours climbing, tunneling and sun- bathing. Some even have small gardens with cat-friendly plants here and there. Most of the enclosures can be accessed from a window in the house or a cat-door. In any that I have seen, a covered area was added to the enclosure to protect the cat when the sun is too warm. Water bowls were kept full at all times. The cats were vaccinated in case any wandering cats would come by to visit and possibly carry a disease along. You can never be too careful.

I have never built an enclosure but have always wanted to. It is something I will do in the future if we build a retirement home in the country. I would love to hear from anyone who has built one and has some good ideas for a first-time builder.


  1. In some areas I think this would be needed for sure. My place is so big outside, my 2 outside cats tag my big golden all day, he's pretty good protection! :D

  2. I do not have an outdoor enclosure but would do it if I got another cat. Charlie loves the screened in porch and so that is enough for now.

  3. They have it made Julie. It sounds like the perfect life.

  4. Lovely photos of you and the kitties!...How nice to have your daughter home again for a while...The Katnip Lounge ( is about a family with many cats (over 10) and they have built a very impressive "catio"; there is currently a photo of part of it on their header...Have a wonderful Sunday Deb.