Monday, May 17, 2010

4 Little Waifs

We have a wonderful woman in our town that cares for kittens and mother cats that are dumped and brought in to our local pound. Unfortunately, it is far too often that kittens come in with no mothers and have to be hand-fed which is a very tiring job for any one person. All four of the kittens posted are doing well as there is a surrogate mother (calico) who is willing to nurse from time to time with some coaxing. Shelly had the mother cat still at her home after all her kittens were adopted so she tried these little ones with the mom and she co-operated. Still, there are lots of feedings in between to keep them alive. It is a lot of work (every 4 hours) and I think Shelly is a real hero.


  1. OH MY...what a sweet wittle baby! You got my heart with this one! :D

  2. Bless her and the sweet Calico surrogate! These are the cutest little babies! It is so much work to feed these little one's!

  3. All Cat Mommies, human and otherwise, are Our heros!

  4. What precious, precious babies! A huge pat on the back to Shelly for all her hard work keeping these sweeties alive, with the help of the calico surrogate.

  5. What a sweet kitten! Love the pic of your cat at the top. We had one for many years who looked just yours, now we have 2 long-haired black cats. I enjoyed reading your bio ~ you are one busy lady who is providing a wonderful service to pet owners!

  6. All cat Mommies are special and Shelly has a very kind heart...Those babies are so precious and lucky to have such great care...Happy day Deb.

  7. Shelley sounds like our Louise Debbie. Heroes for sure.
    On another note, my girlfriend Genevieve is a PuG rescuer, called Under my wings. Her life is dedicated to PUG rescue. She is having her 3rd annual pugstoc next month at Brittania Park. I told her that I would see if you would donate a doggy basket. They are aiming to have over 350 pugs and other breeds attending the Summer PUGSTOC
    Please let me know, thanks a bunch Deb. I'm waiting to see if I'm taking the dogs to Smith Falls or in Ottawa. I should know by tomorrow evening.
    Lovin' this weather!
    Love Claudie
    P.S. Loved the old pic of you with the kids.