Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rae-Rae's Drama & Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^= Diet tip

Rae-Rae: "Today was CATASTROPHIC! I was kidnapped from my cubby and forced into a box that smelled funny and then driven to a horrible place where these strange, cold hands poked and squeezed me until I could barely breath. I won't even tell you what he did to my privates. Then back in that box like a prisoner. I'll never recover from this." *holds her paw to her forehead*

Deb: "Rae-Rae went to the Vet today. She hung upside down in her crate and tried to chew her way out but thankfully we are only 5 minutes from the vet's office so she was not successful. Once in the examination room, she was examined very gently and her temperature was taken. By the end of it, she was lying on her back having a tummy rub and purring so loud you could have heard her in the parking-lot. She is completely shameless and is now in love with her vet."

"Now who are you going to believe?"

Cat-tip For The Day - Diet tip.

While at the vet's office I had a chance to speak to the vet about feeding cats who are in need of losing weight. I told him I had just read an article on this subject and it was recommended to feed soft food only, many times throughout the day and eliminate dry food altogether. I waited for the *gasp* when I heard him say, "That's correct. I agree 100%." He said that he owns male cats and he feeds them soft food twice daily and only a tiny bit of dry. He said that the dry food is very high in calories compared to soft and that it is sprayed with oils that contain many calories. I told him I feed mine Performatrin & Eagle Pack brands and he said both were excellent for a strictly soft food diet. So, my tubby tabby will be off dry and be fed more soft for awhile to see if the results are good. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Rae-Rae you are too easy as are most girls with their vets!

  2. Well, we believe the Cat version...heh heh!
    Felix is in love with his vet, he's a ladies man and she dotes on him. Not that you'de know it by the opera in the car!

  3. Rae Rae, of course your version is the correct one. Oh, yes, we're sure of it. ;-)

    Kibble puts the males at higher risk of blockage, anyway, particularly if they were neutered at a young age, when the urethra hasn't had time to fully widen. I'm impressed your vet recommends wet, because my vet, much as I like him, still thinks kibble is great. *Headdesk* And your vet is right: Cooking kibble leaches out all the nutrients, they have to be sprayed back on, along with whatever it is they spray it with to give it scent and flavour. That said, my two boys get about 1/8 to 3/16 cup kibble a day, plus some treats. Probably more than is good for them, but Derry is such a kibble-head!

    Good luck with the strictly canned. Everyone here likes the Performatrin beef and liver and just beef, but aren't so crazy about the other flavours. They don't like Eagle Pack, do like a bit of Wellness beef and chicken (the only flavour I've found that they will eat of that brand), and a couple of flavours of Almo. (Annie likes one flavour, Nicki another, Derry none.) Oh, plus salmon-flavoured Natural Balance. Annie used to like the NB Ultra, but she won't touch it anymore, which makes me think they must have changed something about the ingredients. I wish they'd leave well enough alone!

    Really, though, the trouble with my cats is that they are too well fed and therefore are finicky.

  4. Good luck on getting kitty to lose weight ~ not an easy task I know. I got my Banjo down from 30lbs to 18lbs in just over a year by changing him to a high protein diet. Now he is fit and healthy!

    Sounds like Rae Rae was a very good kitty at the vet!

    Have a happy day!
    xo Catherine

  5. Gorgeous Rae Rae, of course, your description of the vet is accurate; I just hope you got a good report...Glad you're home and that terrible ordeal is over for you!...Good luck with the weight loss; I stopped giving my girls treats for awhile and they lost a little.