Monday, May 31, 2010

Geriatric Ginny

In my house, I have cats that nap between naps. This one who is now in her 23rd year only wakes up to do her 'walk-about' and scoff any food that might be sitting left in a dish. I don't move furniture around EVER because Ginny has lost most of her sight and she likes things just the way they always were. Sometimes it is quite amazing to see her flitting around. I have witnessed her take a bug out of the air with one swat. Her health is good and her appetite is embarrassing so we don't worry too much about her disadvantage. She spends her mornings, afternoons, evenings and night-time in bed usually reading Geriatric Cat Fancy Magazines. I should wish for such luxury when I am 100 and something :)


  1. What a wonderful way to spend your Senior years, drowsing on the bed, living by your own schedule. 23 is a great age for a Cat to live; you are certainly doing something right!
    I live in fear that my Maui the Terrible will live so long... ;-)

  2. How sweet she is. Love how cats can adapt! Sounds like a good life she has. I want a subscription to Geriatric Cat Fancy Magazine!

  3. 23 years old!! Oh my but this sweet kitty must be very well taken care of ~ how wonderful for a kitty to be living a good life at such an age! And isn't it amazing how animals can adapt so well with a disability. She's simply lovely!

    xo Catherine

  4. How lovely that your sweet elderly loved one can enjoy her later years in the happy knowledge that she is loved and cherished. Perfect. Mum had a cat before me that lived to 20 and she thought that was old. Thanks for showing us the sweet pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Ginny is a gorgeous girl and she's very lucky to have such a loving home where you accomodate her disability with understanding and compassion...You are amazing with all your animals, Deb=I wish we lived closer so you could cat sit for my babies!...Kisses to sweet, lovely Ginny!