Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Ed endures nail-clipping, Rae-Rae is once again sad-sad and treasures from Almonte, Ont.

This is what this ol' man looks like after he has just chowed down to his favorite feast. I had to humour him with Fancy Feast because today was nail-clipping day and it takes two of us to hold this 21 year old man down. It is at this time that I am so thankful that he arrived here only 1 year ago absolutely toof-less. He is hilarious! I just adore him.
Guess who paid a visit to her vet again today. Rae-Rae is a tad zonked-zonked because she has been given meds to stop complications from an allergy to the sueters from her surgery. That's right, she was allergic to the thread and now she has been stapled. God that sounds awful but she seems ok. I had never heard of such a thing and this poor little waif is going through way too much at this tender age of 7 months. I am amazed at her resilience but I still have a special meal for her tonight to try to ease her discomfort. She was also given a dose of antibiotics that will work for 2 weeks. Poor poor Rae-Rae.
"Why me.....why me?" (she's actually yawning but you know me)I'm just back from picking up my silent auction items that I won at a local store in Almonte, Ontario. They put items out every week and leave them for one month for folks to bid on them. I zoomed right over to this one because I had 'baby' on my mind. Is this not the cutest bowl and now it's for Riley.
This bowl has two opening on the sides to add hot water to keep the baby food warm. CLEVER! I was told this was a pattern from around 1950.
I love plates and couldn't resist this pattern. Cutie Cuteness. I thought since it was a mouse I would put cheese on it.
I am heading out for dinner with a friend tonight. I am trying to shed some pounds so it will be salmon & salad. Ooo- that sounds great to me. And when the dessert menu comes I will duck under the table. Will-power - it's over-rated.


  1. Poor Rae Rae! I love that childs plate, so cute!

  2. What a yawn! Poor toofless Mr. Ed. Claw clipping is the pits for everyone involved. Rae Rae should be OK in a day or two...for kittens every day is a new adventure.
    Those plates are too cute!

  3. Mr. Ed is a handsome old guy with no teeth; are he and Ginny great friends?...I'm curious about how you end up with all these kitties after they are already adults/elderly?...Poor Rae Rae; I'm sorry to hear about her allergy, that must have been very uncomfortable for her...I sure hope that girl heals up quickly and will be 100% again soon...The plates are adorable Deb!

  4. Hi Deb - We came from the Cat Herd to check out your blog and just had to comment on Mr Ed - what a cool old guy!!! You're such a nice hooman for looking after the older (and younger) kitties. We hope Rae Rae feels better soon!