Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day, Rae-Rae + Cat-Tip for the Day=^..^= Biting

Rae-Rae is getting a break from her head-gear (lampshade) for awhile.Tomorrow it comes off and the staples come out. She will be one happy kitty to ditch the bonnet. Joe  is another of my grand-kitties and they are both staying with us for the summer. So far there has been some adjustment with Joe because he is a male and he strutts his stuff. He is neutered but he doesn't remember that. All in all, it has gone quite smoothly and the other cats have basically given in to accepting them. Kane has lost count and doesn't care. 

KITTENS ARE NATURALLY ACTIVE; they have not yet learned the fine art of lethargy.

Cat-Tip for the Day - Biting:
When your cat bites you he/she is just displaying a natural behaviour. To keep your fingers intact, redirect his/her energy with an interactive feather toy or a cat-dancer. Both can be purchased at your local pet store. When a cat does play with you and does not BITE, reward good play with affection or a kitty-treat. 


  1. So glad Rae Rae is healing and getting the lampshade off! She will be up to her old tricks soon I'm sure. Love how the males don't remember when they are neutered....Guys gotta love em!

  2. Daisy used to bite me as a sign of affection, especially while I was sleeping, right on the nose or chin.

    You might think this was mean, but I would just flick her on the nose and she eventually got the idea that her kitty bites were not appreciated by this momma cat!

  3. As long as Joe doesn't spray...Maui sometimes forgets when he sees an intruder cat and lets rip. *sigh*

  4. Beautiful kitties and I love the unique photo with the rose in the front and Joe in the background=that is a cool shot!...Haven't seen much of Joe, he's a handsome boy!