Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This may be of interest to all those with hair, skin & nails and are human (sorry kitties, this is not about you)

May I take a moment of your time to tell you that I think I have discovered something AMAZING. I started taking this supplement last year when I noticed I was having more bad days than good days with my skin, hair & nails. Honest to Pete, in a month I noticed wonderful results. So I continued until the bottle was empty. Then, I forgot to replace it because I am a busy baker & cat-sitter and it just happens. WELL, I noticed a change again and not for the better. Back to my drab hair & not so perky skin & nails. Even the cats started looking at me funny and whispering amongst themselves. (Catty bunch) So, I am back on this miracle supplement and I suggest that if you are interested in trying it that you look this up and check it out at your local health-food store. I swear, next to blueberries this is the best beauty booster around.


  1. Deb you caught my attention with this one. Let us just say that my skin and hair is not as glowing as in my youth. I will check this out.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I am going into the health store tomorrow for iron pills, I'll look at it. Cute cat too, they just love to sit in bowls don't they?! :D

  3. goodness
    the photo isn't showing for me and so I have no idea what this
    miracle treatment is-
    please, please tell!
    really =)

  4. It's not showing for me either, you know what they say about curiosity...please, do tell what supplement you take that made such a difference in your hair!?