Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Indoor Sports for Fun-Loving Felines

Cat-Tip for the day - Playing with your Cat for health benefits.

Like dogs, cats benefit from flexing their physical and mental muscles. Providing an exciting and enriching environment can keep your cat healthy, agile and limber, provide weight control and prevent many behaviour problems. Play also strengthens your friendship :)

One of my favorite cat toys is called the Cat Dancer. You can find these in most of your local pet stores. It is just a long wire that curves with a piece of cardboard tied to the end. My cats all love this, young and old and have had many hours of fun with them.

My cats love feathers of all kinds. Cali (shown in photo) is playing with a toy made by my good friend Tracy Hutton. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one of these feather toys.

I just read that tin-foil balls are not safe to leave with a cat unsupervised.

Staircase Sprint
With your cat at the top of the stairs and you at the bottom, toss a ping pong ball against the side of the wall in front of where your cat is sitting. When the ball bounces down the stairs, your cat will race down the staircase to chase it. When the ball reaches the bottom of the stairs, fling the ball back to the top.


  1. Thank you for the foil ball tip! No more of those here, anymore. We're going paper!

  2. We use paper, glad to know that about foil! My guy loves to chase the laser light.

  3. My girls love the toy your friend made=they adore the feathers!...I just mailed you a box yesterday and I included a cat dancer (my girls love those too!)=how funny is that?...It is supposed to arrive around June 8.