Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Baby, I love you.

Well, miss are an armful. I ADORE this girl and I care for her every summer when her people are down east. She is a senior, loves comfort & cushions and her soft nom-noms. When I care for her I hug her like a baby because she is a BABY. They named her well. In this photo she looks like a grump but that is so far from the truth. Baby is a rescue that wandered onto their property out in the sticks with no telling where she came from. She never left, she made sure of that.

I'm looking so forward to caring for Lucy again in July.


             No matter how hot it is  (+28) it is never too hot for tea.


  1. Your Riley is so cute..what darling lips!
    So, do people bring their cats to your home...and do the cats all just get along? Do they scratch your furniture? I am curious about your cat sitting business, sounds great to me! I think I would like to do that! :D

  2. That is a gorgeous teapot! But 28C + humidex is too hot for tea. LOL. Iced tea, yes. :-))

    Baby is two armfuls, at least. More to love and snuggle. She looks like a sweetie.

  3. AWWW Baby is sweet. I think I want to cat sit just so I can love on more cats then my Charlie! I think that teapot is so cute!!!

  4. You have the best job in the whole world, no doubt! I drink coffee but if my tea pot was that cute I would drink tea too!! Cathy