Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More on planning a Cat-sitting Service.

Starting an In-home Cat-sitting Service - The best way to plan your rates for cat-sitting is to locate the pet resorts and kennels in your area and find out what they charge daily. This will give you an amount to work with. Keep in mind that you are freeing the owners from the stress of leaving a cat at an unfamiliar location and having to travel back and forth for drop-off and pick-up. When the owners return their cat will be waiting at home for them and happy to see them. If the client has more than 3 cats there is a $5 charge extra for each visit.

You will have to decide if you are comfortable administering medication. This will come up so you have to be prepared for it. I have had the opportunity to give insulin shots to a cat because one of my own suffered from diabetes years ago. I offer this service. Are you comfortable with pilling a cat? Plan ahead if asked.

When I start with a new client I always ask to be paid half before they leave and the balance can be paid when the key is returned. Most of my clients leave payment with their notes but that is up to you how you want to do this.

Joe & nan - Does he look like he is trying to escape? He is, and he is chasing one of the seniors. Tut...tut Joe, no way,  Mister. (his nose is finally healing)
Carleton Place (our home for the last 20 years)

In the background is our Town Hall with the big clock.


Tomorrow is Canada's Birthday and I am a Proud Canadian.

and Kane is our Proud Patriotic Pup.

If there is one thing I do before a birthday, it's vacuum. See ya!

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  1. Thanks Deb another informative post! I know tomorrow is Canada Day!!