Friday, June 11, 2010

Heads should have ON & OFF buttons. Cat-tip for the Day=^..^=Bathing your cat

I have a lot on my mind these days so I am just resting my head for a bit. Big decisions to make involving my    

two small businesses. I'd like to just take all this decision-making out of my head and give it to my dog who always seems to know the right thing to do for himself.  He never seems to regret anything either. Only once when he went after the skunk for the 2nd time.

Seriously though, I always have trouble making a decision, even the little ones like what kind of chocolate bar to pick and should I have tea or coffee?? I blame this on my astrological sign (Gemini) the sign of the twin. Good Lord, no wonder I take so long.
I will keep you posted on some changes that are coming because that's what I do with friends.

BATHING YOUR CAT:  (eeeek) Here's what I think about putting your cat in water for a bath... I can't see any reason on earth to do this. I believe (and my vet agrees) that brushing your cat twice a week and letting your cat do it's daily grooming is enough to keep your cat clean. If your cat gets into something that needs to be cleaned off of it's fur there are dry shampoos that you can comb through the fur for that purpose. (Just my  opinion)


  1. Well, I have washed a cat or two...reasons being:
    1) covered in mud (the cat, that is)
    2) covered in fine red dirt/dust
    3) kitty managed to have poop ALL over his long pantaloons

    Other than that, I would NOT recommend washing a Cat! Nobody is happy, afterwards...heh heh.
    MomKat Trish

  2. Sometimes we just have too much choice, I think. It's both positive--giving us so many options and presenting so many "doors"--but also negative in that there are times when we spin our wheels wondering which way to turn. Second-guessing ourselves, etc. At least that applies to me throughout my life. Best to just turn your brain off and let your instinct/gut guide you. Truly.

    As for bathing a cat: I never have and hope to high heaven I never do! It's certainly not a solo undertaking, IMO. LOL.

  3. I have bathed a tiny kitten covered in fleas but otherwise...eeek! NO!!! Good luck with your decisions.

  4. Good luck with your decisions; listen to your heart more than your head because your head is practical, but your heart leads you where you really want to be...Happy weekend Deb.

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