Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Cats Cat-sitting Service is the Cat's Meow.

My Just Cats business cards are bringing in the business. My Veterinarian passes them out to her kitty clients and my cat-sitting clients are spreading the word. This should be a busy summer.

My card was designed with the help of an 'artist' friend of mine, Donna Baskin. I had drawn up the kitty and the name and Donna put together the houses (see the little black cat) and the colours. 

Funny enough when handed one of my cards people still ask "Do you care for dogs, too?" 

Despite the weather today it has been a busy and fun weekend cat-sitting and making sure that every kitty is a comfy cat. Starting tomorrow I will be returning keys, picking up keys, meeting new cats and happily hugging ones that I have not seen for awhile. I will be in the tiny town of Almonte and once again I will be driving by Baker Bob's Bakeshop. Will I have the will-power to forgo those tea-biscuits and that brown bread with molasses and those morning glory muffins and those......ah! shoot...WILLPOWER IS OVER-RATED.


  1. I love that you shared your business cards with your followers! I thought about doing that as well but I wasn't sure if I should until now and I will do that very soon! I think the design is charming!

  2. Your business card is A-1! I would LOVE to do what you do...

    As for only live once. That's my motto.

    MomKat Trish

  3. Your business cards are great; they are professional and adorable at the same time...I would certainly use you if we lived in the same place=I couldn't imagine a better person to take care of my babies...Willpower is tough; I've never had a weight problem, but even losing 5 lbs is hard to do sometimes!...Best of luck and happy week Deb!

  4. So glad you shared your business card! I love how it looks fun but gets the message across!! Oh stop and have a bite, lol!

  5. Oh, I do like those business cards, Deb! They look terrific.

    Yes, do stop and have a bite to is too short to pass up simple joys. :-)