Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Belle needs a home & Cat-tip for the Day -re-use your tea-bags.

This little cat is sitting at our local shelter and needs a home. Her sweet, sad face says it all. She has been there since November, 2009.
She is 5 years old, polydactyl (extra toes) and has a gentle nature. Belle needs to be on hypo-allergenic food and I think this is what has delayed her adoption. But, so what! With the right food she is absolutely fine and don't we all have our vices? Please consider her, she needs you.

Our shelter is in  Smiths Falls, Ontario and is called The Lanark Animal Welfare Society. They have a website and feature all their dogs and cats in need of our help. This little angel has been wearing on me because she has been there way too long. I am trying my best to get her face out there so someone will see her and want to love her. Their # is 613-283-9308 and email is You can contact me if you are interested.

Cat-Tip for the Day =^..^= Re-use your tea-bags.  Enjoy that good cup of tea but do not throw the tea-bag in the compost because there is a better use for it.  Open it up and sprinkle the contents in your litter-box. The tea will absorb the odour in the box and give you a few more days of odour-free litter. 

"Please help Belle find a forever, loving home"


  1. Oh I wish I lived there so I could bring Belle home! I so hope you find a good home for her. She looks sweet. Love the tea bag idea! I will try it!

  2. I would take her but I so far! and thanks for the great tip! I am a mega tea drinker!

  3. I sure hope Bella finds a loving home soon; it's heartbreaking to think of her in the shelter for so long...The tea bag tip is great=I drink hot tea every morning and of course, I have 4 litter boxes (inside/garage)...Thanks, Deb.

  4. I hope Belle finds a happy, loving home soon; it's heartbreaking to think of that beautiful girl being in the shelter so long...Thanks for the tea bag tip; I drink hot tea every morning and I have 4 litter boxes (inside and garage).

  5. Such a sweet kitty ~ I wish her all the best of luck in finding a wonderful home!

    Who knew used tea-bags had such a good use ~ I will give it a try!


  6. Nice to meet you all! Bella is a beauty. At the (no-kill) shelter my Mommeh used to volunteer at, there were cats who had been there for years. I wish every cat had a Forever home.

  7. Hello there!Congratulations your blog is wonderful, please to meet you!
    I hope this cute friend can find a blessed home to be happy there!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  8. Extra toes? Does that mean she could help me tidy up the house?

    I hope this beautiful cat finds a home.