Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vegetarian dinner, anyone.....

"Hey Deb, what's for dinner"

Day one in my 58th year is the beginning of a new way of eating for this chick. Sorry buddy but you won't like this. NO MORE MEAT and that means a lot of new discoveries coming.  I have been recently cooking meals from a vegetarian cookbook and I am lovin' it. I was a veg-head when I was in my 20's but due to lack of discipline, I went back to eating meat. Well, no excuses this time and I am really excited about cooking new recipes. This will not be hard for me because I don't eat a lot of meat as it is but to eliminate it completely means adding unfamiliar items to the menu. My daughter Allie is a vegetarian so we will have some fun with this. Thank God Gary is easy to feed :) Now, the cats may not like this since they enjoy yummies from our plates sometimes but I will have to cook for the dog anyway, (yes, I do that) so they don't have to worry too much and they will always have their own food chock full of meat.
That is Hugo in the photo. He is my other daughter, Jess's cat who is also staying with us for awhile until Jess moves. His whole existence is to eat, purr & eat again. Best go and feed him before he blows a gasket. =^..^=


  1. I gave up red meat for my 30th birthday, almost 15 years ago; I still eat seafood, however...Have fun with the new diet; I'm sure you will enjoy discovering new dishes with Allie's help...Hugo is a cutie!

  2. It sounds like a great decision for you! I do eat meat but less and less all the time as my body has a harder time with it. Not much red meat but I do love chicken!! I have been toying with the idea of learning more vegetarian cooking and did get a cookbook. Hmmm now where did I put that? :)

  3. Handsome Hugo! :-)

    Have fun finding great new recipes. I do eat meat, but since I seldom cook (loathe it, absolutely loathe it), I rarely eat red meat. Chicken once in a while. Love fish and shellfish, though. If only someone would cook my meals....LOL. I'm more apt to eat a piece of rye bread with some cheese, or have a salad or even a bowl of cereal. Anything but cook.

  4. Hugo is a cutie.. I think you are going to have lots of fun experimenting with the new diet.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. I admire you for giving up meat and I am sure you will feel a lot healthier without it! I am pretty close to being a vegeterian but I'm taking it slow b/c I am gluten intolerant (as of Dec. 09) and that diet requires a lot of research to maintain. I feel healthier w/o wheat products so I can just imagine how great I will feel when cutting meat out of my diet entirely.
    Have you heard of Alicia Silverstone's vegetarian book, "The Kind Diet" or "Carnism" or "Eating Animals"? Those books are great reads and there are some delicious recipes in there as well!

  6. Hugo is a smart Cat! Eat and Purr!
    I'm a dedicated omnivore...I love veggies...looking forward to some fun recipies to try!
    xx MomKat Trish

  7. Good luck eating vegetarian! I think I could easily become a vegetarian but my hubby and son seem to hate every vegetable put on Earth. So alas, meat ends up on my table. Though not usually in my mouth. :)

    Have a Happy Day Deb!
    xo Catherine