Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still love writing letters and sending cards.

A rainy Sunday always seems like a good time to write to a friend and go through some pictures. I had made some prints from the James Taylor concert last week so Mary will definitely want some too. Digital cameras are great but I still need to hold those pictures in my hand and have them in a book to go through whenever the mood hits. I have some really sweet ones of Riley too and of course they will need framing. The card says "Please Drop me a Lion." 

Mary & I at the Air Canada Center in
Toronto for the JT & Carol King Concert.

Here is Rae-Rae having a break from her nasty head-gear. She needs time to groom and cannot do that with a lampshade on her head. If she would only leave the staples alone but she grooms for a minute and then goes right for the belly. I imagine it is itchy so I try to rub the area. It is starting to look good and the healing is coming along.

The other cats in the house seem to take offence to Rae-Rae's new look. Some hiss at her when she walks by them and others just keep their distance.  All but Joe, he still loves her no matter what.


  1. Soon, Rae Rae, soon. Hartz makes an anti-itch spray cortisone; maybe that might soothe her tummy?

  2. Cute lion card; email is so convenient, but it's always nice to get hand written notes in the mail...I hope Rae Rae heals up soon...Take care Deb.