Friday, June 18, 2010

If you can't be with the cat you the cat you're with.

Pansies hanging in my backyard.
Didi having a treat.
I have a FULL weekend of kitty-sitting. Emmi, Didi, Max, Chico, Rosie, Josephini. I'll be heading out bright and early this morning. By the way, it is a gorgeous day, sunny & warm. I will head down to the old building before I leave town to kitty-sit and I will check on the ferals. (see post below). This time I will bring more food and water. I have a heavy heart over this....not sure what to do. There are just too many cats in this world and too many irresponsible owners. How many times have I said that...sorry for sounding off but I need another coffee.


  1. Don't apologize. My blood pressure goes through the roof when I read or hear about people who let their unaltered cats roam and breed, or when I see the abandoned cats in our student "ghetto," now ferals.

    I'm not sure what the right course of action is, either, or if there is anything you really *can* do. I'm just glad you are giving them food and water.

  2. Didi is adorable eating out of your hand!...Glad you are caring for the ferals, I think it's their best chance...Happy weekend Deb.

  3. You are so kind and giving. It is why you are so good at pet sitting but it is also why this breaks your heart all these abandoned cats. I have fed feral cats also and just hope the best for them! And your Pansies are so pretty!

  4. Its good you are giving them food and water. Thats a good thing you do.. LOve the pictures.. Hugs GJ xx