Friday, June 4, 2010

Off to cat-sit and Grooming Cats Professionally

Cat-tip for the Day=^..^=Grooming Cats Professionally
The Professional Cat Groomers Assoc. of America presented it's first award to Kristen Fulton. To earn the certification, groomers must pass a series of four written examinations and six practical ones. Groomers must also have a certificate in feline first-aid and CPR. Fulton is CEO of Faux Paws Pet Spa, a central Florida grooming salon and mobile grooming business.

I was so happy to read this in a pet magazine. Finally, groomers who know how to properly groom a cat and are noticed for their profession. I have personally heard horror stories about cats being groomed by dog groomers who do not understand cats and do not go the distance to make them comfortable and less-frightened. I actually heard of one that fainted from fear when groomed by a dog groomer. Congratulations Kristen.

Now, I wonder if there are any Canadian Cat Groomers that should be honoured? I should look into that.

I've been sick :( for 2 days now. Thank goodness I can't pass this on to my cat-sitting clients because I am very busy this weekend. Maybe once Gary retires we won't have so much of this. I worked for the Govt. too for years and I remember how illness travelled through offices. As bad as daycares, I think.

Today, I am off to visit Chico & Max. They are indoor-outdoor cats and I get to spend time with them in their owners beautiful gardens. Chico is very floofy & Max is a short-haired, tough guy. They are both hilarious.

Little Rae-Rae carries on with her lamp-shade head. She tears through the house like a lunatic and still seems to be able to play. Allie takes the head-gear off every day for awhile so she can groom herself (and she does). I'll be glad to have her look normal again.

Lily is very clingy these days. I think she misses Maggie. They used to spend a lot of time sleeping together and because Lily has always been very maternal, I think she knew Mag was not well and wanted to stay close to her. It's tough when you can't explain to them. I just give her lots of lovin'.

I have been checking out our local Animal Shelter regularly because I had seen two 8 year old Sealpoint Siamese that had been dumped there and who needed a good home. I was imagining what they were feeling sitting in that shelter wondering what had happened to them. Today they were adopted and it looks like they probably went to a good home together. I wish them all the luck for a Siamese cat needs to feel confident and normally is a one-person cat. The bond they form with that special someone is quite remarkable.

"He who dislikes the cat, was in his former life a rat."
Wishing all a fantastic Friday.


  1. Sending you lots of healing purrs--we hope you're feeling better soon. Try not to overdo things! (Easier said than done, of course.)

  2. Hope you are feeling better. At least spending time with you wonderful catty friends :) will make you smile! Glad all the babies at home are doing OK. Lots of healing going on at your place.

  3. Beautiful kitty photos; I especially love the last one=she is looking at you with such love in her eyes!....Glad to hear Rae Rae is happy despite her collar and allergy...I hope you and Lily can find comfort with each other over Maggie's loss; wishing you both peace and love during this sad time...Hope you feel better soon Deb; life has been overwhelming for you lately=both good and bad, and you work hard, so you probably need a good rest to help you recover.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon...
    Hurrah for the Siamese who now have a new home!
    What a peaceful job you have; caring for gorgeous felines. Enjoy.