Monday, June 28, 2010

"You Cat-sit? How does that work?"

A monthly calendar, client book, cards to post daily and a bag full of cat-toys, treats & nip = 1 cat-sitter.

Just Cats In-home Cat-sitting Service is a service provided by myself for people who do not want their cats to go to a boarding kennel. I GO TO THE CAT. There is no place like home when it comes to the cat because not only are we special to our kitty but so is all their favorite stuff such as their beds, window-sills, toys, chairs & the owner's bed if they are so allowed to snooze there. Cats are not pack animals and prefer not to be placed where there are many unfamiliar animals & scents. Some cats will actually be so stressed that they will not eat the whole time the owners are away. If they are left at home, the familiarity of everything keeps them relaxed and comfortable.

Some of my blogging friends have asked if I take the cats in to my home but I do not do that because I already have cats & a dog and it would not be as easy for the cat to adjust. My plan is to have a section of my home for cat-boarding but that will be in the future after we build our home in the country. That way, I can offer that service also.

If someone would like to start an in-home (client's home) cat-sitting service in their area, I would be happy to give you information that will help you get started. I think it would be great to have someone offer this in all cities so that cats can benefit from it and be much happier while their owners travel. If you love cats and would like to try a new business I recommend this highly. YOU WILL LOVE IT.


  1. Deb I am very interested in this! I love cats and this would be a great job for me. I've been thinking about it for awhile since reading your blog. So point me in the right direction please!

  2. Thanks for the answers. I wouldn't want to leave my home but i see how that would be best for the's a neat business! :D

  3. A wonderful service you are providing for those people that have to leave their beloved kitties at home. I always worry about my Banjo when we are away even though my girlfriend comes and checks on him.

    Have a wonderful day Deb!
    xo Catherine

  4. Our Mom did Pet Sitting for a while when we lived in New Jersey. She had fun doing it but it was pretty hectic around the Holidays.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is daughter has a sweet cat that we all adore. What joy these cats are to our lives.

    Have a great rest of your week.