Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitty-sittin' & baking a cookie or two. Tip-for-the-Day=^..^= Take a moment to help our wildlife & feral cats.

"Hey nan, why are you baking biscuits for dogs when you could be opening a can of tuna for me?"
Joe showing off his nose again. He is so proud he actually strutts now. "Joe, are you going to start behaving yourself and stay out of trouble?" "Ha,...NEVAH!"  

This is Rosie and for many years I have tried to be her friend but she has decided she's a one-woman cat and that's that. She reluctantly sat for a photo today.

Now Otis,on the other hand, can't get enough of me. "Please don't leave me"

and Lola...she could care less. "Look at my new trick, cat-sitter lady". Lola is a doll and loves to rub and do figure 8's  and get as much lovin' and then she's just had enough and wants to eat.

Before disposing of these plastic do-dads please take a moment to cut the circles up because it is reported that the wildlife get their heads caught in them at the dumping sights when they are scavenging for food. That includes feral cats. Thanks.

Pampered Pups Pastries


  1. I love Lola's nose!! How cute is she and of course the lover boy Otis is a doll also. Well Miss Rosie just loves one person and that is that! Cute post!

    How are the feral cats? Seen any more of them?

  2. You are such a good person...I love the way you show their personalities...and thanks for sharing the idea about the pop can holders.Come say hi :D

  3. How I wish I could have more than one kitty but must make do with one cat and one dog.
    I really enjoy your pics.

    Hey, you and I do exactly the same thing with those plastic do-dads, I cut them up before I trash them so some unsuspecting little creature doesn't get hurt.


  4. We always cut up the plastic parts, too! We would hate to think of any creature stuck in one of those plastic rings. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. We love all those adorable black and white kitty faces!

    Our mommy cuts up those plastic thingys too and also cuts open yogurt containers so no animal gets their head caught in it.

  6. You are such a great friend to all animals; I love how you see each cat's personality and accept/love them as they are...Who is Joe fighting with to get stratches on his nose?...All of these sweet babies are just adorable and all are very lucky to have you to care for them.

  7. They are adorable!
    Lovely pictures and great work there!
    Luna - We love Luna