Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Riley is doing great. Rae-Rae is once again..bad-bad.

Poor, poor Rae-Rae. Look at the new hat on her.

I am off to see this guy in Toronto Friday night. OK - he is a bit older now but this was always my favorite picture of him. This man can sing with the angels so all I can say about him is that he is DEFINITELY someday going to Heaven.
Our little Riley is doing so well and I do believe she already enjoys being photographed. Here she is at 5 days old.

I need to get over to see her again very soon...maybe tonight. Rae-Rae has been back to the vet's office because she pulled out some stitches so now she wears a lamp-shade on her head.
I have a question to ask all my blogging friends. Have you ever looked back on your posts to find that a lot of your pictures are missing? And if so, do you have to re-post them or is there another way to retrieve them? Thanks.


  1. Riley is adorable. Rae Rae I understand. Charlie had a cone head because he would not leave stitches alone. He hated it but had to wear it.

  2. Five days old and already smiling for the whole world to see...divine! Come say hi :D

  3. JT always reminds me of being a kid in the 70's; what a fun Friday night you will have Deb!...Riley is a gorgeous sweetheart with a lovely smile!!...Poor Rae Rae, I hope she feels better soon; my girls did the same thing...Blogger is tricky sometimes; the same thing happened to me with missing photos on the blog=the first time it happened I went in and corrected the spacing and just "lost" the photo/the second time, I left it alone and the photo was back when I went back later (maybe when I restarted the computer?)...I think the most important thing is don't panic=once, when things disappeared on my blog on my computer, it was still there on my Mom's computer and when it didn't come back up when I restarted my computer over and over, it did eventually came back a few hours later on its own...Blogger definitely has a mind of its own!!...Take care and have a wonderful Riley evening!

  4. Oh Rae-Rae - what have you gone and done?!?! You must leave those stitches alone - you don't want to be seen with that lampshade forever do you?!?!

    Purrs for a speedy recovery!

    Romeo and "her"

  5. Poor kitty!

    Have fun in Toronto!

    Riley is so cute ~ and smiling for the camera ~ such a good baby! :)

    Sometimes blogger does funny things doesn't it? No rhyme or reason. Just to keep us on our toes I think! :)

    Have a good day!
    xo Catherine

  6. I've never had that picture problem. I'm going back through some of your most recent posts and it seems that you link your pictures from your Facebook account, right? If so, did you delete those pics from Facebook? If they were deleted or moved to another album (thus changing the URL), that might explain why some pictures are missing.