Saturday, May 22, 2010

An update on the day.

2 Days on Earth....imagine! Nana (that's me *giggle*) spent a little time with this angel today. Mom & dad are doing so well and are amazed at how little this baby cries. She seems to already be very much at home here. Tomorrow the mid-wife will be in to see her and her mom and answer any questions that have come up. I think this is wonderful how the midwives continue care-giving after the birth of the child. It gives such comfort to the mom and family.

Rae-Rae is lovin' our cat tree and since she has been made to stay quiet for 2 days we let her have some fun today. She is recovering from her spay very nicely and has not shown any signs of complications. She has been given a pain-killer every day since the dirty deed which seems to have done it's job. This cat is a photographer's dream. She stares right at the camera and seems to know you want some silliness. She's a ham.

My daughter's cat, Joe was helping me in the garden today. He has fit in quite nicely with all the old geriatrics but every once in awhile he gets a little too rowdy and they have to put him in his place. Hence, the nose scratch. He still has Rae-Rae to wrestle with but even she has been out of commission since her spay. "Just a few more days, Joe."


  1. So happy to hear Rae Rae is healing nicely. Yes I must say she seems a ham! Joe is quite handsome scratch and all, he just needs some play time...soon Joe!

  2. You must be in Heaven! Look at all that hair!

    Rae Rae is indeed a cutie...We bet Joe will be happy to have a rowdy playmate again.

  3. What a wonderful journey you are just starting with precious, beautiful Riley!...Glad to hear Rae Rae is doing well and it sounds like Joe will be happy to have his playmate back!...Happy Sunday Deb.

  4. Love the baby pictures and updates!!! And of course the pictures of the furry friends!!! Have a happy day

  5. Look at the hair on Riley's little head! Mom would say I didn't have that much when I was 2. LOL. What a cutie patootie!

    Glad to read Rae-Rae is doing just fine, and Joe too!

  6. What a gorgeous baby grandsaon you have.. You have a lot of loving coming your way.. Those two beautiful kitty pictures are gorgeous and I am glad all is going well.. Hugs GJ xx