Friday, May 14, 2010

Dog-tired after a busy week of cat-sitting

The day started with not being able to find Rae-Rae (cause she is bad-bad) but when I opened my armoire, there she be. After this picture was snapped she went.............. ZOOOOM (she never stops running around and I love it. I miss young cat action.)This has been a busy week and although I do have cat-sitting this weekend, most of the owners are home now and their cat's will be happy snuggling with them tonight. The more I cat-sit the more I am so sure that this is the way to go for your kitty when you are away. These cats slept on their own beds, snoozed in their familiar chairs, ate meals at their regular scheduled time and soaked up the sun in their baskets on their very own window-sills. On top of it all, they had a maid that popped in every day to pamper them silly. They are always happy when the owners return and these folks don't have to travel to a kennel to pick up their disgrunted cat at the end of their holiday.

Well, I am dog-tired this Friday night and ready to watch a hockey game (only the play-offs for me).
Hope you all had a great week and I wish you a fun weekend. No grand-baby yet.


  1. We agree! Our Parents make sure we have a sitter when we go...mainly to make sure we behave...sorta!

  2. I think it is absolutely the way to go!

  3. What a nice any of them fight?

  4. Rae Rae is adorable and fun; she's a real sweetheart!...I've never boarded my animals; I've always had someone come into my home so they could stay in familiar surroundings...Whenever I am away, I even call and "talk" to them on my answering machine every day!...Hope you have a restful, happy weekend, Deb.

  5. Hi Julie - No, I have never had a fight at any of the homes I provide care for. They are in their own home so they are very comfortable and 'at home'.