Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off to TO

Today was another beautiful day in CP. My daughter Allie was gardening for a friend while her little buddy kept her company.Little buddy being Lexy. Isn't she a cutie!
Little Rae-Rae was given some time-out from her lampshade to bask in the sun and do some bird-watching. She has become quite used to the silly contraption but I know she will be glad to be done with it.
This little fella is Ozzie. He is one of my son's cats. He and his playmate Cooper have had quite a week getting used to now living with a baby in the house. Move over cats! Aw...they are still pampered and loved all the time by John & Brit. They just have to wait for their turn now. I am quite amazed at how well they are doing. I will be away now for a few days as I am leaving for Toronto. I have been waiting for this concert tomorrow night for a long time. James Taylor and Carol King. Woohoo! I will be visiting with my good friend Mary so I am sure this will be one of the best weekends in a long time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. "Shower the people you love with love" :)


  1. I love all your babies...all of them! Come say hi :D

  2. Have a great trip!

    Are all your children cat owners as well?

  3. Oh yes, they all love their cats.

  4. Lexy is a doll, an adorable baby!...It's good Rae Rae got a repreive from her collar for a while!...Ozzie is a cutie; glad he and Cooper are adjusting well to Riley...I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert and a great weekend with your friend, Mary...Take care and have a fun, safe trip, Deb.

  5. Hi Deb, thanks for visiting with the gato and me at my book blog! I am going through all your posts and am in love with all your pictures. Let me know if any of your kitties would like to get their pic featured in the Book Fiends gallery of my blog!

    Hope you are enjoying your trip, Bonnie