Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today has been one of the busiest days I have had in a long time. Lots of kitties to care for, baking to finish and deliveries to Smiths Falls tonight. My day started at 9 and ended at 9. Tomorrow should be pretty much the same minus the deliveries.

My day started out with visiting Puff who on seeing me walk in the door immediately fell over on the floor with delight. He then proceeded to climb up my pant-leg to quicken up the breakfast and then ignored me the rest of my visit. OK!
Then off to see Chase & Buddy. This is Buddy in the photo looking out at the squirrels that surround his beautiful log home. These two are adorable and do the figure 8 when I arrive. They are almost identical except for their size and Buddy is the outgoing one of the two. Chase does whatever his brother does. So cute!

Next stop was Ando & Evee. Ando is so big that when he head-butts me he almost knocks me over. Evee is the softest most delicate little girl and she just looks at you with her big, gold eyes and listens to you talk to her. Then she blinks as if to answer you. Have you ever seen a cat do that. It is so precious. Ando & Evee's favorite thing to do is play with rope, on the floor, in the sunlight, with me.

Next off to meet new clients out in the country area. OK, I think this may have been the biggest cat I've ever seen. I'll save more on this for later.

Back home to finish my doggy biscuits and package up the order for delivery to Smiths Falls Pet Valu store. Finished this in time to walk Kane and start my rounds again for dinner.



  1. What a lovely silohuette. Bird TV!

  2. Sounds like a good day...and I have seen a cat blink like that. Sometimes, I stare at my cat, then blink my eyes shut...then they will do it. I do this a few times, finally leaving my eyes shut and they do the same thing! Love them! :D

  3. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished today!...How awesome to get all that kitty love!...Get some rest, Deb; that grandbaby will be here soon and then you are really going to be tired from the excitement!

  4. That's definitely a busy day! But don't you feel great after? Tired, but in a good way, because you've been so busy and productive. :-)

  5. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Deb ~ make sure you fit some time in for some fun! :)

    xo Catherine

  6. What a lovely day .. Thats what I call a great job.. You are busy busy but getting to see all those lovelies too.. Brilliant.. Hugs GJ x