Friday, April 30, 2010

Lots of Cat-sitting Ahead & Cat-Tip for the Day=^..^=Find a Good Vet & Stay Calm

I have a wonderful Veterinarian, Dr. Ann McEwan at the Carleton Place Vet Clinic. I trust her totally with my kitties health issues and I love the fact that she is also a Holistic Veterinarian for the last few years. She has been caring for my cats for over 20 years and always says to me before I leave, "whatever you are doing Deb, don't change it" and then she gives me her funny grin. She says my Ginny is one of the oldest cats she has ever known and talks about her often. I will always take my cats to Ann whether we live in CP or not. I trust her, she is very personable and she loves my cats. She is also the BEST with my dog, Kane. She is the full package. That is my tip today.....find a Vet you trust and can easily talk to.

My cat-sitting log book is filled up for May. I can't wait to start as I have many new clients and they are all gorgeous, funny little cats. You will be 'blown-away' by how beautiful some of these felines are and I will be posting pictures galore of them.

I have a grand-baby arriving this month. Sometimes I think about this and I can hardly breath (hee-hee) Too much excitement. I am so happy I have a good camera because I plan to 'work it' to no end in the next 30 days.

Wishing you all a great Friday.


  1. The cards are great!

    I would love to have a vet I fully trusted, one who combined standard with holistic medicine, but I'm not sure I ever could. The vets my gang see are good and I'm happy with their care, but I always do my own research, will never take their word as gospel. No more than I do for my own doctor. And that in NO WAY implies you do! Just that I've found you have to educate yourself so you can make the best decision for their care.

  2. Hi Kea - I agree fully. My vet always listens and likes to know that I understand the holistic end of it as well as she does. There is still a mystery as to why it works when it does but we must remember it was around long before traditional medicine was. She also uses traditional meds when we need a 'fast' result. I am always reading up on this..very interesting stuff. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Oh I found a vet I love also. So important!

  4. I use 2 vets=1 is about 3 miles away and I feel trust them (they saved one of my outdoor cats from a snakebite) and my other vet is a friend from high school, I've known her about 30! years and she's been my vet almost 20 years, but she is almost an hour away, so I use the other vet in emergencies (I feel like family there=she helped me through a lot with Nikki)...You should trust and feel safe with vets/all doctors, or you should find another one=this is an important issue...Love your cat cards=very cute!...I can't wait to hear all about the new grandbaby=best of luck to your family at this joyous time...Happy weekend Deb.