Saturday, April 10, 2010

Can you read my mind, love......

Simba, you are such a character..... looks like he's groovin' to some tunes, maybe Gordie Lightfoot.

I am heading out for a nice breakfast with hubby and then off to see this gorgeous Abyssinian named Simba. This guy is such a character. He lives with 2 other cats, both short-haired black named Midnight and Albert. Today I will try to photograph them. Smudge will be waiting for her lunch and a belly-rub after that. It is a beautiful, cool day here. The sun is out and the trees are budding. I love this time of year.

We have a concert tonight in Ottawa to look forward to. I haven't seen Gord since the '80's when I lived in Toronto. This should be one to remember. He's getting on so this may be his last tour. Thanks Allie for these great tickets. Daughters can be so thoughtful. :)


  1. Simba is a beautiful kitty; you just have the best job in the world with the cat sitting=so much love!!...Enjoy the concert, it sounds like a great time!

  2. Simba might be groovin, but we bet he's beggin' for treat. MOL!

    Enjoy the concert! Gordon Lightfoot is coming to Kingston, too. He *is* getting on and looking rather haggard--as you say, this might be his last tour. All the more reason to fully enjoy his show tonight.

  3. Saw Gord when he was in Toronto! You're going to have a ball tonight :)


  4. Morning Deb
    We hope you had a nice breakfast date with your hubby and that you found Simba and his pals doing well. We are having a lovely day here too....mid 60's beautiful blue skies. Hubby and I took a tour of some beautiful gardens today. I'm now trying to decide what to post so may pretty azealas.
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  5. Hi Deb
    I saw Gordy a couple years ago. You should have a really nice evening. He is very gentle.
    Yup I'm back and trying to get the house cleaned up from being absent for 3 weeks.
    Great times.
    Happy Weekend
    Love Claudie

  6. Hello Deb! So nice to 'meet' you...thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Your Simba looks like my Olly and Lizzy...he's beautiful! Olly and Lizzy came to live with us as barn cats a couple of months ago....the lady had too many cats and couldn't keep them so our post woman who heard about this asked us if we'd be interested in 2 and sister. You bet! They just came home from the vet today from being spade and neutered and have recieved all their they are resting for a few days. They don't like it! The vet and the girls out front fell in love with both cats...they said they are special. I think so too and they may very well become 'house cats' soon. What a wonderful job you sitting and a dog biscuit company to boot...busy lady. Oh I love dishes too...can't seem to have enough of those can you?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend...enjoy your kitties and I'll enjoy looking through your blog this week! All the best to you.....Maura