Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coffee with Friends and then Back To Business Today. Cat-tip For The Day=^..^= Play Aggression.

Great friends, Bobbie, Martha and moi. This pic was taken last winter but heck!...we look the same. :)
Woke up to snow everywhere this morning. Of course, it didn't stay. The day has been rather dreary but still ok for meeting friends for coffee and a hike with the dog. I was able to catch up on some baking for the dog biscuit business today and tomorrow is a delivery day. Balderson Village Cheese is one of our best clients so we will be heading up there again. I love that town and I never get out of there without spending some money. Here is Maggie keeping me company in the kitchen. She finds the whole process rather boring. She is sleeping so much now and I am keeping a very close eye on her health.

Play Aggression - often it is possible to see a change in your cat's behavior that will signal to you that the play session is getting out of control. The first sign may be intense movement of the tail from side to side. The ears may go back and the pupils, the dark part of the eye may become larger. At this point it is best to end the play session before the cat becomes too agitated. If you have a cat that likes to hide behind a door and attack when you walk by, you can toss a small toy to divert the cat to an appropriate play object.


  1. That's a lot of doggie biscuits! And a lot of work!

    Purrs and kitty (nose) kisses and healing Light to Maggie, for her Highest Good. Give her a cuddle and kiss from this human!

  2. Thank you so much for that nice comment. Your thoughts on her are so much appreciated. I will surely do that.

  3. Glad you had good friends to share coffee with! Sweet wishes for Maggie!

  4. It looks like you had a busy day with great companions=friends, Kane and Maggie...Kisses and hugs to sweet Maggie; hope she feels better soon.