Friday, April 2, 2010

A beautiful Good Friday stroll through the sugar bush.

If you have a chance to visit Ottawa, Ont do take a 40 minute drive west to Temple's Sugar Camp Restaurant. It is a magnificent building to dine in and the pancake breakfasts are unforgettable. After a very satisfying meal you can walk most of it off on the trails. Dogs are welcome on the walk.

The steam behind me is coming from the machines that turn the sap to maple syrup.

There are many little bridges along the trail and even twig chairs to rest on.

Kane can barely contain the excitement of running through the bush.

Kane tasting the delicious sugar bush leaves.

Good Friday is always a solemn day to me. I remember many Good Friday's as a child where the weather was dreary and wet. That weather seemed appropriate but today the sun shone and was very warm and inviting. It felt right to be out in amongst nature and enjoy God's blessings. We took a stroll through the back trails at our local sugar bush. A delightful morning. I hope you enjoyed some quiet time today.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great day!...Kane is a gorgeous baby and you and your husband are a lovely couple too!