Saturday, April 17, 2010

This post is for my blogging friend, Ginger Jasper. I want to show you how much my Charity looked like you, GJ. This was the best little travelling cat in Canada. She loved to go camping and travel out west to British Columbia from Ottawa, Ontario. We did this a few times in her 19 years with us. When I married, Charity & I were a package-deal. Gary had never lived with a cat but he soon learned all about them in this 8 lb. ball of lightening. I say that tongue-in-cheek because she didn't move too quick or too often but she was the BEST on road-trips. Is she not the cutest?Banff, Alberta
Celebrating her 10th birthday at Johnston's Canyon, B.C. Gawd! I was silly. She didn't care.Look at her paws, GJ. Just like yours.
She really could pull off the bored look. She also used to chew on these 1970'ish glasses.Here we are at Lake Louise in the Fall. Wasn't she pretty in the sunlight?

Hope you got a kick out of seeing her, GJ. When I look at you all the wonderful memories of this sweet cat come back. Charity 1974-1993


  1. What a lovely tribute to your sweet, gorgeous Charity...Charity really does look like GJ; he's one of my favorites!...My Nikki (1984-2004) rode across the country with me a few times and she was the best at road trips too; it was in the 1980's and I would sneak her into the hotels, she was the best baby!...Thanks for bringing back some great Nik memories for me; I still miss her so much.

  2. Oh Deb... how cute is that? What a beautiful cat. Charity was a "outdoorsy" kind of girl wasn't she? We used to take our cat Moose camping also, but he was on a leash. Loved the campfires : )
    Happy rainy weekend.
    Love Claudie

  3. I meant to tell you, many times, Nik rode on the headrest, wrapped around my neck in the car just like your photo of Charity!...Have a great evening.

  4. Oh she looks like such a wonderful sweet cat! Sounds like you had many years with her. My Charlie is about to turn 11 and I was kinda getting worried but I think he has many years left!

  5. What lovely pictures and story about Charity! It's so encouraging to hear of cats living on into their 20's. My Jeremy lived to be 21. What used to seem rare, now is more common, I think because we are more careful in our feeding and vet care for them, than may have been the case many years ago. Long Live Our Kitties!

  6. Oh my cat.. Your sweet one could be Jasper.. Thank you for showing her to me.. Jasper loves to drape around the neck all the time too. He is the sweetest most gentle cat I have ever had and he realy is my baby.. Barrie also was not a cat man and I came with two. Dolly cat went to the bridge just a couple of years after we came here but Jasper has won Barrie around and he has changed his mind about cats completely.. Jasper can wrap him arond his paw. Love Carol and GJ xx