Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homes Needed for Pretty Kittens & Cat-tip For The Day=^..^=Staying on top of the Cleaning in a Multi-Cat Household.

First off, lets talk about staying one step ahead of these little fur-balls. I have owned a multi-cat home for 25 years so I know what is needed to keep things livable. The #1 tool in this house is the vacuum cleaner. I am constantly upgrading too. Be sure to get one with attachments for the stairs and corners. You will need that. Near the litter-boxes I keep a hand dust-pan and broom. That helps keep the floor around that area clean. I also have a regular sized broom close by. I only use organic cleaners when washing up after the cats. I am afraid of the chemicals in most cleaners so look for the organic cleaners for their areas. To keep the litter-boxes smelling clean I add baking soda to the litter. The cats don't mind it and it absorbs the odour. I also scoop many times a day because I work from home and can do that. There are many good hair-removers for your furniture and also a glove that you can wear to remove the hair. I have it all.

You have to LOVE cats to live with the extra housework. My best advice is to stay on top of it every day. " that a dog hair I see?"
Homes are needed for many kittens that have been fostered in a home in Carleton Place. This little girl is healthy, friendly and silly as silly gets.

Sierra loves her chin scratched.....for hours if possible.

"Hey, where did the scratcher go?"


  1. Such sweet faces! One day when I retire, I wish to own a barn and adopt at least 10 cats! Shhh..don't tell my husband! :)

    Have a lovely day Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. I have been planning to try one of those gloves for cat hair, do they work? Love that cute kitty...

  3. Hi Linda - depends on the furniture material. I like them and they are not too expensive - worth trying. I also wear it and groom the cats with it on. They LOVE it.

  4. The housework does get me down but I wouldn't be without animals ! Sierra looks a bit like our Frankie - and I like that cat face you do with the key pad - sweet !

  5. I have one like the top picture...he came with a broken shoulder and sick...he is all healed up now and loves to play in the hay stack! Come say hi :D