Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is why I get nothing done ...

Today started out with these two little munchkins, Buddy & Chase. Can you just feel the energy vibrating from this little guy, Buddy. They never stand still for very long so I was lucky to get these two photos. They are just exploding with spunk and curiousity. If I could just bottle some of that. is little Chase and he practically turned inside out playing with this home-made toy of tinfoil & a ribbon that I brought with me today. Is he not the cutest?


  1. Buddy and Chase are adorable; they look just alike, are they brothers?...You have a wonderful job sitting with these sweet babies!

  2. What fun to cat-sit them! Yes, I'd like to have a 10th of that energy....LOL.

  3. You certainly can feel the energy radiating off Chase.

  4. Hi Deb I saw you over on Cat of Nine Tales...I wanted to drop by to say hi for many reasons mainly all about cats but to say thank you for your service as a cat sitter in your area. You are a special person. I have one fantastic cat sitter down here in NC, Miss Debbie. We left sweet Madi with her for 11 days once. Upon our return I think Madi was disappointed to see it was us and not Miss Debbie. Knowing Madi was in the care of Miss Debbie made our trip of a lifetime to Alaska twice as much fun.
    Thank you for what you do and congrats on the upcoming grand child.
    Madi and Mom

  5. PS Miss Debbie comes to our house too(in above it read like we took her to Miss D's) per normal with cats, Madi does not like her routine changed!! HA. Miss Debbie only takes jobs within 3 miles of her house so that she can spend more time with Divas like Madi.
    Thanks for stopping by to see us we. I'm glad you were able to comment. I had lots of problems with blogger yesterday. They seem to be fixed. I think Kat would be a great name for you today.
    Dip-C and Esmarillda