Monday, April 5, 2010

After-dinner hangover.

We all look like this today. Hangovers from too much food and for the humans, too much chocolate.
Today is over-cast, a bit cooler and very quiet outside. The Easter decorations are put away for another year and once again, I will enjoy the memory of having all our family together at the table. Must have one more cup of coffee and a hot-cross bun. Hope you had a nice Easter. Hugs, Deb & ^..^'s.


  1. Yes, too much chocolate for this human. Sugar-withdrawal. LOL.

    Glad you all had a lovely Easter!

  2. I definitely ate too many jelly beans and chocolate!!...Such a beautiful kitty.

  3. Yup...that is how I looked! Only I think I was laying on my couch, belly up! Ha!

    Such a beautiful kitty with a sweet wee nose!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a face. You can't help but love that face.