Friday, April 2, 2010

No matter what else, cats are on my mind

Tonight as I prepare the house for Easter I have a heavy heart. A wonderful woman who runs the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network called me to see if I knew of anyone who might have a nursing, mother cat in the area. There are 5 tiny kittens without a mother and the desperate search is on. In my concern over the kittens I forgot to ask what had happened to the mother. All I know is she walked away from the kittens and did not return. I gather from that that she was a feral. The kittens are now at a vet office being hand-fed but this is only temporary and will be very costly for the rescue. All shelters in the area have been contacted and also some that are out of the area were called. One shelter had a mother but because these kittens are not in their jurisdiction they will not take the kittens. Have you ever heard of such a heartless thing? How can any shelter turn away 5 little wee kittens that need a mom to survive. I don't get it. The shelter would eventually adopt out these kittens and would profit from them. What could possibly stop them from helping?

So the search continues and I hope these little ones make it. Louise from Ottawa Cat Rescue Network is on the phone tonight and will work like a dog to help these cats. God love her for all she does.


  1. How heartless! I thought the idea of being an animal shelter, rescue or welfare group was that you helped animals.

    I hope that the kittens fine a mum very quickly.

  2. Oh dear I came by to say hello and thank ou for visiting me. I just read this ad am now worried about these babies. I so hope they find a mum to help care for them soon Those people are just without heart.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Unfortunately, over-crowded shelters often won't take animals outside their jurisdiction. I hope Louise is able to find someone to take these precious babies. Sending lots of universal Light to aid in her efforts!

  4. So very sad indeed! All the best thoughts and wishes to the finding of someone to take the kittens!