Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Daughter, Allie at the Algonquin College Art Show.

Our daughter, Allie shows off some of her work at the Algonquin College Art Show in Ottawa, Ont. Lots of amazing art and wonderful, creative students to meet.

Allie is shown here with our Patches (1987 - 2004) dancing on our front lawn. She has grown to become an advocate for animal rights and is a vegetarian. She has 2 cats of her own. We are very proud of this girl. HAPPY EARTH DAY!


  1. That's very cool, congratulations to Allie!

  2. Wonderful girl and her art is really good!!

  3. Allie is a beautiful, talented young woman; her paintings are just lovely and I know you are very proud of her in so many ways!...Love the photo of Allie and Patches dancing together, it's really adorable!...Have a happy day.

  4. She's so cute, then and now and what a talent! I have attended my daughters art shows at college, it makes a mom feel so proud! Come say hi :D