Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Thoughts needed for Maggie

My little Maggie is not well these days. I have a wonderful vet who is helping me through this hard time with Maggie's health. She has chronic upper-respiratory problems and the medication seems to have done all it can do. We are now trying some holistic methods and hoping that it turns her health around. Please send out good thoughts for Maggie.


  1. I've had a cat within the rescue that had chronic upper respiratory issues. Our very smart vet found that she had HUGE polyps that had grown in her sinuses. He removed them and the problem was solved! Those polyps were the size of marbles - no wonder she had problems.

    The vet said that it happens a lot, but very few vets look for polyps in the sinuses. (I love this vet - I take my own cats there)

  2. Hi Deb, Thanks for coming to visit Dante. It's nice to meet you. I don't know if you realize it, but we're practically neighbours. I mean, as far as the Cat Blogosphere goes, you are the closest in proximity. I just live in Orleans.

    I was looking at your blog, and you certainly have your hands full -- of joy! Your life seems so idyllic. It sounds like you make a living doing what you love most. How fantastic!

    Sorry about little Maggie. It's hard to understand how a respiratory infection can't be cleared up with some antibiotics, but I understand she's had it for a couple of years. Perhaps the infection is a secondary symptom to something else. What does your vet say?

    This happened to one of my kitties about 10 years ago. The antibiotics would help temporarily, but it always came back.

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you and I've enjoyed looking through your blog. For some reason, a number of the pictures have broken links, but I was able to see enough of them to have a good visit.

    By the way, I have three blogs. There's Dante's own personal one; Wendy's 3-D Cats with all three of my cats, and I also have one called "Wendy's LOLSpot" where I make up LOL-Cats from various cats in the Cat Blogosphere.

    I'd be pleased to do some of your kitties if you give me permission. If so, just let me know and give me a list of their names and ages. I do the odd LOL-Dog as well, so you can include any woofies.

    You can leave a comment on any of my blogs to let me know if you are amenable. The link to my LOLSpot is:

  3. I am sending you and Maggie lots of warm thought and love. It is hard when one of our furry babies are ill. Hugs for you and Maggie.


  4. I's amazing how a sick little animal looks as sad as a sick little child!

  5. Maggie is a gorgeous girl and I will pray for her recovery; it is so stressful when these sweet babies are sick...I really hope she is better soon.

  6. We're sending lots of purrs and healing Light to Maggie, hoping there's a resolution. Is it definitely an upper respiratory infection? As opposed to something that might exhibit similar symptoms? I don't have enough knowledge, I just know that if it's viral, antibiotics are useless. I give my fur kids L-Lysine in their canned food when they have a flare-up of a cold, but it sounds like Maggie's problem is more complicated than that.

  7. Maggie you have got my loudest purrrs.. Please get well sweet one.. I hope the vet can sort something out for you.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Maggie Magellan and I are purring for you. I hope the vet finds a treatment for you.

  9. Thought going your way Deb for you and Maggie. I see my friend Linda came by to say hello. I suppose to meet her in GA. but she was away visiting her mom. She's great!
    Those kittens are all precious. I would help you know that, but I already have my hands full.
    Hope to see you this week.
    Love Claudie

  10. My Max kitty wasn't doing so well...having upper respiratory issues and amoxicillian wasn't working. My vet used a much stronger antibiotic...equivalent of Levaquin for humans. I've forgotten the exact name, but it worked! If you'd like for me to find out the name, I'll be happy to do that. Max was very sick...had a real hold on him until we got this antibiotic in him. The vet said that upper resp. sometimes are accompanied by secondary bacterial infections. :-( I think he also got a shot of predinosone. Anyway, he is good as new now. Just wanted to pass this along in case it was helpful. Hugs,