Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunny or not..I'm Vacuuming. Cat-tip For The Day =^..^= Cat finds new use for your Flowerpots

I'll start with a cat-tip today. Do you sometimes notice paw-prints in your large flower pots? Or worse, maybe kitty is using the pot instead of the litter-box. There is something you can try to stop this behaviour. First off, be sure that the litter-box is clean. No cat will use a box that is dirty and stinky. If they happen to come across dirt in a pot and it smells like mother-earth they are going to be very attracted to it. If the box is kept clean but kitty continues to play in the pots, you can cover the soil in the pots with decorative rocks. Aluminum foil in the pots will also work but does not look quite as nice. This will discourage kitty from bothering your plants.

A few things had to be done around the house today before a certain little dog could have his much anticipated hike. It is another gorgeous day in Carleton Place and the sun is warm. I pulled out the 'MONSTER' vroooooom.....vrooooooom and for the millionth time, vacuumed the main floor. This is a Bissell and it has special attachments for pet hair. WOO HOO!!

Everyone flies in every direction when this appears. It isn't really that loud but they grab their tails and run for the hills.

We had another nice hike to the park where the flowers are blooming everywhere.

When we returned, all the kitties were back where they started out before the vacuum appeared.
This one was upstairs all morning and never got out of bed. He was here when I left, and he was here when I returned. Sound familiar?


  1. If I were a kitty, I would want to come live at your house! My brother in law says that when he dies, he wants to come back as Julie's cat! LOL

  2. Cute elephant tea pot ~ my mom has the same one! So glad you had a sunny day in the park!

  3. Such beautiful photos; the flowers are lovely and your babies are gorgeous...It sounds like you all had a wonderful day together, except for the Bissell of course!!

  4. That was so funny - they grab their tails and run for the hills! Then later, it's so funny to see them peeping out, as if saying is it safe to come out again? Has the fiend gone away?? I hope your kitties are all feeling well and enjoying the spring views from their perches.

  5. Ok so what about the snow this morning? What's up with that? Unreal.
    I'm freezing over here. Just let the dogs out and they did their business and high tailed it back in. The cats didn't even stick their noses out.
    I'm making a batch of cookies (since I won't be seeing you this week). They are down to crumbs lol
    Hope to meet you
    Love Claudie