Thursday, April 15, 2010

CAT TIP FOR THE DAY =^..^= Litter-box Problems

Today I post my first Cat Tip for the Day. I will never post anything to do with medicating a cat as I leave that business to your Veterinarian but I do have lots of day-to-day tips just from living with cats for more than 50 years.

If your cat is not using it's litter-box and leaving gifts in all the wrong places my suggestion is you check the following...1. Does your cat have easy access to the litter-box? Sometimes if there is too much traffic around the area where the box is kept the cat will not use it. They do like their privacy, you know.

2. Is the litter-box big enough for your cat? They like to be able to move around in the box and scratch while they turn their body.

3. Have you recently changed the type of litter you use? Many of the litters have added chemicals to reduce odour but the cat is very affected by the very un-natural scent.

4. How many cats are using the box? You should have a box for every 2 cats.

5. IS THE LITTER BOX KEPT CLEAN? This is very important. Cats are clean animals and they do not like a dirty litter-box. Stay on top of it and you should not have any problems.


  1. Deb, thank you so much for your very nice note about Bucky. I really appreciate it. I miss him so much but support from other cat lovers really means a lot.

    These are very good tips about the litter box. I've seen cats go outside the litterbox only when they had worms from fleas. This was quite some time ago, however, before all the flea medications there are now, but a kitty may choose not to use the litterbox when he or she isn't feeling well.

  2. Great tips...A kitty that stops using the litter box should be checked for a UTI, which can be dangerous if left untreated...I so enjoy your blog, Deb!

  3. Great tips there for all cat owners