Wednesday, April 14, 2010


After enjoying a great dinner out, I stopped in to see this little munchkin. I am booked to visit her once a day but today I thought she seemed a little anxious (she had rip-roared around the house knocking things here and there) so I thought it best to check on her this evening too. She was happy for company, there is no doubt, and I am glad I did follow my gut-feeling. I sat with her awhile and gave her special treats. Then we sat together on the floor and played ball. Before I left I gave her a serving of her favorite food and while she ate, I patted her and left. "I'll see you in the morning. Don't wreck the house. Mom will be home very soon." Tomorrow I will bring a book and read while I visit, out-loud. She loves that. I read, she purrs and kneads and sometimes rolls right off the couch. I think she is fast becoming one of my favorite kitties to cat-sit. *grin*


  1. She is a gorgeous girl and very lucky to have someone like you looking out for her...I love that you worry about her like that and plan on reading to her, spending a little extra time with her...I'm totally sold and wish I lived close so I could have you sit with my babies!

  2. I can see why she's fast becoming a favourite! What a gorgeous, precious adorable sweetheart!

    I used to take my Nancy Drew books into my pony's stall and read to her, when I was a child. :-)