Friday, April 16, 2010

Kneading to Read & A Cat-Tip for the Day

Cat-Tip for the Day =^..^= Be Sure Kitty Drinks Water.

This is something I have found works to help kitties drink enough water throughout the day. If you find that the water bowl next to the food dish never gets touched, I suggest you add one or two more bowls of water in different areas of the house. I have 2 bowls on each floor for 6 cats and it seems to work well. My grand-kitty Hugo while visiting was known to not drink very much water from bowls so I let him get his water from the bathroom sink. He also will drink a little from a bowl that is sitting by itself somewhere where he least expects it. He acts like he just found something that the others don't know about and claims it as his. Very cute.

I know of cat-sitting clients that leave a glass of water on a counter or bed-table for their cat and when I visit I notice that is where the cat has been drinking from, not the bowl next to the food. Cats in the wild do not have their water next to their food. They eat and then walk to the watering hole. Maybe there is something to that with these little 'geniuses'.

I am off to visit Smudge and today I start with a family of three; two black & 1 Abby. Good weekend ahead. Hope you have a great day.

..Koko had jumped down from the desk and was walking from the room with that particular, stiff-legged gait that denoted supercilious disapproval. He paused in the doorway only long enough to switch his tail contemptuously - twice - before completing his haughty exit. "I guess I offended him," Qwilleran said to Yum-Yum,"He's temperamental, but we have to make allowances for genius, don't we?"
Smudgie approved of being read to so much that when I stopped she whacked me. "Calico's are a breed all to themselves" *grin*


  1. I have water dishes through the house, but none near the food. I've never seen Annie drink, actually. She eats canned almost exclusively, so I guess she gets enough from the food. I always add a bit of water to all the canned food anyway. Not enough to make it soupy (they hate soupy food), but just a teaspoon or two, depending on the brand's consistency.

    The boys actually prefer the dehumidifer water in the basement, during the summer. Go figure.

    Enjoy all the kitty visits and have a fabulous weekend. :-)

  2. Another great post. I noticed Charlie not drinking from his water bowl next to his food but loving the toilets...not my favorite place for him to drink....I put a water bowl in the bathroom and now it's where he drinks...he does love the sink faucet if we will turn it on for him.

  3. One of my cats, Virginia, loves her water. If she thinks I'm heading in the direction of one of her "water features", she races ahead to it and meows till I set the faucet to drip...just right, it can't be too much, or too little, or I get scolded! Then she contorts herself to capture the water drips. Oh, the life of being a slave to cats!

  4. My girls like to drink out of a glass and the sink too, but also love their water fountain; I keep 3 bowls of water in my 2 story house plus the fountain at all times...Smudge is a beautiful, silly girl; she just smacked you because she didn't want you to stop reading to her and leave=very cute and funny!...Have a fun weekend.