Sunday, April 18, 2010

OH Simba- You make me laugh! Cat Tip for the Day =^..^= Remove your Shoes before Entering.

Here is the ever-charming Simba who delighted me all weekend with his antics. After enduring tooth-removal only a month ago and having to put up with a new diet and feeding regime, he still was as crazy and entertaining as usual. Oh, I do love this guy. His buddies are both short-haired black cats, one (Albert) who is quite friendly but hard to photograph because he moves too fast and the other (Midnight) who is very shy and peeks from under the dining-room table to watch my every move. Meanwhile, Simba prances around and enjoys every second of my visits. "Yes, Simba I do see your gums. Oh yes, you still do look ferocious and as handsome as ever."

By Sunday night I am dog-tired (did I say that?) so I have a very short and to the point tip for the day. ALWAYS remove your shoes the second you enter a home where cats reside. When welcoming you, a cat likes to circle and shimmy around your feet and if you are not careful you just may step on that very sensitive tail. Now, that would be a CATASTROPHE, right Simba? Right!


  1. Cute Simba! Love all these cats! How did you get into the cat sitting service? Sounds like a wonderful thing.

  2. Simba is a very handsome boy and sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. LOL! I love how his whiskers are turned up, reminds me of an old-fashioned waxed moustache!