Saturday, March 19, 2011

and to the country we will go....

I can always rely on this cat being in the window when Kane and I walk by this house. I think this cat knows when we go by and actually watches for us. 
We were off to our property this weekend. This is on Manotick Station Road in Manotick, Ontario.
Here she be....

Just 2 acres with a stone fence on 2 sides. It is a gorgeous lot and holds a lot of wonderful memories for me. The trip today was just to see if some garbage had been taken care of that was left at our gateway by some road-workers. When I say garbage I mean pipes and hose and boulder sized rocks. Last time we visited we had to leave the car at the road because of the obstruction. Although there was still lots of snow everywhere we walked around to let Kane stretch his legs and snapped a few pics of the place.
You can see the line of trees at the back.  There is a stone fence along the back and up the left side.

This building is covered in vines all summer. unfortunately, burrs too. I used to collect eggs in there when I was a youngun'.

This was an old hen house. It has been rotting away for years now but it would be great to salvage it and fix it up to be used again. If not for chickens then maybe for gardening tools. At least let me at it to cutesey it up a bit.

This was the old well that stood in front of the house.

Well, thanks for stopping by. I would have given you a cup of tea and a donut but that will have to wait. Maybe some day soon there will actually be a house here again. :) Home we go to remove 100 burrs from the dog.
hugs, Deb


  1. your property looks amazing! I think that old wooden house/shed or whatever is definitely worth salvaging. I love buildings with character and that has enormous character. Your land is beautiful!
    Ok now how did you get all of the burrs out of poor Kane's hair?

  2. aww... that was such a pleasant walk with you. A little chilly with the snow still on the ground. Sweet hen house visit and fun seeing the pump.

    Oh, those nasty burrs. I hate it when I get a couple stuck in my socks! Hope Kane is de-burred by now :)

  3. What a great piece of land. Hmmmm, M says you should build a house on dat land, especially cuz you love it so.