Sunday, March 27, 2011

Death warmed over

I feel like something the cat dragged in tonight. cats wouldn't give me the time of day right now. Other than cat-sitting I am doing little else. I had a great time at Temple's this morning and then *WHAM*.   I know I just need a few Contact C's, Vitamin C & maybe a little more maple syrup. Right now, I feel like a piano fell on me.
That being said, after returning from caring for my charges tonight, I dragged myself into the kitchen to find some magic in the cupboard to numb my throat and was met by 6 of the 10 glaring eyes that I would recognize in a line-up. They were hungry and mad because I was moving too slow. I cracked open a can of salmon because I couldn't face the regular mush and split it between the 3 greedy guts. I expect that when I finally lie on the couch tonight these three will blanket me with their appreciation.
Here are a few photos from this morning with little Riley. Then the piano fell.......

If you look real close you can see some teeth. :) And Riley has some, too.
Riley was more interested in the fire in the fireplace than the pancake offered to her. She is going to be a fire-freak like her dad. She eventually loved the pancake 'cause she's one of us.

Our son, John, Riley & Brittany
Riley is just over a cold so she'll be ok.
We are enjoying lots of sun here these days.

Do stay away from people with colds.....the devil sent them.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Dat Riley is adorable. Take care of yourself.

  2. You get well soon! The Cats command it!

    Hot soup, and plenty of hubby the can opener.

    Trish xx

  3. Oh no ~ a spring cold ~ that's not good! Hope you took it easy today Deb and got plenty of rest.

    I like all your pretty Easter egg decorations you have below ~ so pretty!

    Get feeling better soon!
    xo Catherine

  4. Purring for you !
    A Kiss from me might help.

  5. Drugs and tea always works for me!
    Hope you feel better.
    Riley is adorable! Fire and pancakes ---- a true canadian experience!!

  6. A big get well from Rosie and crew here!

  7. Hoping by this morning you're feeling a lot better.

    Your family is beautiful!!!
    Take care....

  8. LOL, I love those terms "death warmed over" and "something the cat dragged in" Know what they mean. I do hope you feel better soon.

  9. I hope you feel better soon :-)
    Riley is so pretty. She has such beautiful eyes!! Her smile makes me smile :-)

  10. Feel better soon! I know a lot of people with spring colds right now. :(